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the abs pump needs to be replaced it has a relay that is built into it that defaults to on and will allow the abs pump to continue to run with the key off

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Why does your jeep suddenly quit running?

There are several reasons why a jeep could suddenly stop running. Common reasons. These reasons can include a broken engine, bad starter or alternator, or dead battery.

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Fan power windows and wipers suddenly went out on my 91 miata-- fuse problem or something larger?

It is possibly your ignition switch. Jiggle the key slightly when the car is running and see if they work then.

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RPM's on 2001 Ford Focus ZX3 suddenly drops and power seems to fail but car still running. What could the problem be?

faulty sensor possibly cam/crank/oxygen/temperature sensor.

What will happen if excitation of a running synchronous motor suddenly cuts off?

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What happens if field winding of a running dc shunt motor suddenly breaks open?

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2001 Nissan Frontier suddenly stops running as if no fuel Tanks full-suggestions?

Discovered fuel pump is running but there is no spark to the plugs. What now?

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How do you check the bad battery or alternator?

The simplest method to check where the problem lies, remove the negative cable. If motor still running problem lies with battery.if not running problem lies alternator .

What could cause a Chevrolet Cavalier to stop running suddenly?

sounds like the ignition control module

Why would a 1987 ford ranger suddenly stop running?

possible rollover senser under dash!

What would cause a car to suddenly stall while on the freeway?

Running out of gas, timing chain breaks.

Speedometer not working Lexus rx300?

My lexus speedoment does'nt work no running at all....I do not why it happened suddenly?

Why Computer shut down suddenly while running?

IT hasn't got any charge or probably its has a virus

What will cause a car to suddenly stop running while driving?

Out of Oil Out of Water Out of Gas Dead Alternator

When a running car stops suddenly the passengers are jerked forward-why?

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Peugeot 205 diesel running problem having problem with the car staying running will tik over for a while then die and if started and reved will stay running until the revs are let off then will die?

fuel filter

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Can a bad coil or distributor make a running car quit suddenly?

Yes they could along with many other possibilities.