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Sounds like to me the firing order is off, or you have your plugs wires backwards. Maybe a carb issue also. Check for a vacuum leak.

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Q: What is the problem with your 1996 454 multiport fuel injected boat engine it seems to be running rich and once the engine is warm it does not idle shuts down and requires a lot of throttle to start?
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Why does your 1990 civic idle so low?

How low is low. If you have the Multiport Fuel injected engine it is normal for it to idle just at 500rpm give or take 50 prm. Anythign lower and you have a problem.

What is the problem on first start up with mk 1 gti cab.stalls when you touch the throttle?

If carb. could be choke adjustment If fuel injected ??

How do you set the choke and idle on a 1986 s-10 blazer?

That vehicle is throttle body fuel injected, there is no choke or idle adjustments. You have other issues such as a large vacuum leak causing your idle problem.

What is wrench symbol on Ford Fusion for?

The wrench symbol stands for a problem in the throttle system. Maybe the throttle body or the throttle positioning sensor.

What causes throttle problem?

A number of things can cause a throttle problem, bad gas, fuel filter needs attention, spark plugs, wires, cap, rotor, clean the intake.

Mitsubishi spacewagon won't start?

No gas or the throttle box problem

Can a Carburetor throttle be bought without replacing the whole works?

Turns out the problem was never the throttle, it was an experimental in-line fuse that went out.

98 neon that misses at idle checked codes said running rich What should you do?

check the oxygen sensors, mine was "running rich" also but it turns out the problem was a bad upstream o2 sensor. The other thing could the throttle position sensor, because the engine is throttle body injected, the sensor could be dirty and sending the computer a bad reading.

Why would your 2005 Chevy Cobalt stall after you drive it for a while?

The problem could be the Throttle Position Sensor (TPS) on the side of your throttle body. If the Rpm fluctuate when stopping also. Make note of this problem with the stalling. This is the most reason why it would stall. Just make sure the other problem In explained is there too before you go out and buy a new throttle body. I had the same problem with my colbolt and the throttle body cost was 255.00 that's with tax. So good luck.

What is vcm code 17 for a 1993 jaguar xj6?

a problem with the throttle potentiometer

What does the p2135 code mean on your Ford Focus?

There is a problem with the throttle posistion sensor

If your 1997 GMC 5.7L Vortec has a misfire at idle but not while under throttle whats the problem?

If your 1997 GMC 5.7L Vortec has a misfire at an idle but not while under throttle, the problem is likely the timing. This can be adjusted.

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