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I'm doing a wheel bearing at the moment and it looks like I will need a hydraulic press. That's about all the special tools I'll need if you call that a special tool. This is whats I've done so far:

Wheel off, with a big breaker bar and some one on the brakes, crack the cv nut and remove(you could do that before removing the wheel which would be a bit safer, this is just what I've done) Brake caliper off and brake disc off. Disconnect the tie rod end from the strut, this won't effect the wheel alignment. Remove the ball joint nut and flog the crap out of the side of the hub where the ball joint goes through. You may need a lot of Rost off or something like that to get into the hub and loosen it up. Once it pops, get a big bar and pull the lower control arm with ball joint clear of the strut and swing the strut clear. Now, this next part will affect wheel alignment, remove the 3 nuts that hold the strut to the strut tower housing. You could try and mark exactly where it is before removing but I found the nuts leave pretty good witness marks.

Now the struts out there is a cer clip at the back of the bearings. It needs to come out. Now we need the hydraulic press. It will be I assume a matter of pressing the old out and the new in and the install will be the removal in reverse. I should recommend a wheel alignment once complete but I won't bother cos I don't care to much about this car.

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Replacing front wheel bearings on a front-wheel drive vehicle requires a good knowledge of vehicle service. Normally, you do not need special tools, but there is a special procedure for removing and re-torquing an axle spindle nut. Never reuse a spindle nut!!!! The bearing will be a unitized one-piece bearing, and the brake rotor is not part of the bearing. It can be removed after removing the brake caliper.

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special socket required to remove nut that retains rotor and wheel bearing. use impact gun . be prepared to repack and reset wheel bearing

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This requires special tools to remove and install the ac clutch and bearing. The air gap on the ac clutch must be done during install.

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How do you replace rear hub bearing assembly on 2003 v-8 4x4 Ford Explorer?

Haynes Repair Manual #36025, Ford Explorer 2002-2006, Chapter 10, "Hub and bearing assembly (rear) replacement": Due to the special tools and expertise required to press the hub and bearing from the rear knuckle, this job should be left to a professional mechanic. However, the knuckle may be removed and taken to an automotive machine shop or other qualified repair facility equipped with the necessary tools.

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special tools are required to do this job.slide hammers impact tools.yhis is not a job for diy!!

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Do I need any special tools to replace front wheel bearings on a Saturn 2002 L200?Also what is the procedure for doing so?

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This job requires removing seven individual parts in the proper order and the use of special tools for removal and reseating of the replacement bearing and seal. It's probably not a job that should be taken on by anyone who needed to ask this question.

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It probably is the compressor that is locked up. If it is ok until the a/c is turned on, the compressor is locked up. If it is just the pulley bearing a special puller is required to remove the pulley and bearing.

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Due to the special tools and expertise required to press the hub and bearing from the steering knuckle,this job should be left to a professional mechanic.However the steering knuckle and hub may be removed and the assembly taken to an automotive machine shop or qualified repair facility.

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to dissasemble wheel bearings you need a special socket after you remove 4x4 hub this special socket will only fit the front bearing nut .a different size is used on the rear

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