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What is the procedure and special tools required to replace front right wheel bearing on 2001 Daewoo Lanos sedan?


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I'm doing a wheel bearing at the moment and it looks like I will need a hydraulic press. That's about all the special tools I'll need if you call that a special tool. This is whats I've done so far:

Wheel off, with a big breaker bar and some one on the brakes, crack the cv nut and remove(you could do that before removing the wheel which would be a bit safer, this is just what I've done) Brake caliper off and brake disc off. Disconnect the tie rod end from the strut, this won't effect the wheel alignment. Remove the ball joint nut and flog the crap out of the side of the hub where the ball joint goes through. You may need a lot of Rost off or something like that to get into the hub and loosen it up. Once it pops, get a big bar and pull the lower control arm with ball joint clear of the strut and swing the strut clear. Now, this next part will affect wheel alignment, remove the 3 nuts that hold the strut to the strut tower housing. You could try and mark exactly where it is before removing but I found the nuts leave pretty good witness marks.

Now the struts out there is a cer clip at the back of the bearings. It needs to come out. Now we need the hydraulic press. It will be I assume a matter of pressing the old out and the new in and the install will be the removal in reverse. I should recommend a wheel alignment once complete but I won't bother cos I don't care to much about this car.