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What is the procedure for adjusting the rear wiper arm on a 2004 trailblazer?


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2009-01-25 11:25:59
2009-01-25 11:25:59

These trucks do not have an adjustment. However if you buy the new improved wiper and arm for '07 and up it is much improved! Trailblazer enthusiasts forum!

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The wiper motor is located under the cowl, (the black cover in between the hood and windshield) about center of the vehicle.

If the front blower and the front windshield wiper do not work on a 2004 Chevy Trailblazer, it could be the fault of the relay switches on the blower and the wiper. Also check the fuse box on top of the battery for a multi-function fuse that might be blown.

The 2004 Chevrolet Trailblazer takes 22" wiper blades on both sides front and a 16" rear wiper. See sources and related links below for more information. Since there are over 22 different wiper arm attachments, do not buy wipers just by length only - be sure to lookup exact wiper blade part numbers by vehicle make, model and year for the brand wiper you decide to purchase. This ensures correct length AND correct attachment.

The 2004 Jeep Liberty Renegade has a dealer-only rear wiper blade. Since you have to go to the dealer for the blade, ask them for the procedure too.

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