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What is the procedure for changing a cooling system thermostat on a 1997 Buick Skylark with a 3.1L engine?


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first drain the fuild then locate the tremostat housing remove the return hose which is top port on raditor. Unbolt the housing romove old gasket lay gasket sealent on the gasket both side but make sure you already remove the termostat and replace with new and then install gasket then tighten the housing hand tight install hose to the termostat housing a tighten the clamp for the hoses and replace fuild that was been removed or reuse if not dirty and start and run car or truck at idle speed and check for leaks


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Assuming it did not overheat before you replaced thermostat and water pump you may have installed the thermostat backwards. It is also possible the cooling system wasn't refilled properly and was air bound.

If you follow the top radiator hose from the radiator you will see where it connects to the engine cooling thermostat housing on top of the engine intake manifold . The engine cooling thermostat is under the thermostat housing

Cooling fan switches can be located on the radiator or the thermostat housing.

It might be a cooling problem such as the thermostat. I think you should get the cooling system checked. Something is causing it to overheat.

You have to manually select the heating, and cooling mode located on your thermostat.

The thermostat for the cooling system can be found on the front of the engine. You can follow the bottom radiator hose to the thermostat housing. The thermostat will be within the thermostat housing.

2004 Pontiac thermostat Service and Repair 2004 Pontiac Thermostat Replacement 2004 Pontiac Removal Procedure : 1. If equipped with an automatic transmission, remove the exhaust manifold. 2. Drain the cooling system. 3. Remove the thermostat housing to water pump feed pipe bolts. 4. Remove the thermostat housing to water pump feed pipe. 5. Remove the thermostat. Installation Procedure 1. Install the thermostat. 2. Install the thermostat housing to water pump feed pipe. Notice: Refer to Fastener Notice in Service Precautions. 3. Install the thermostat housing to water pump feed pipe bolt. ^ Tighten the thermostat housing to water pump feed pipe bolt to 10 Nm (18 inch lbs.). 4. If equipped with an automatic transmission, install the exhaust manifold. 5. Fill the cooling system.

A cooling thermostat only will be normally open, closing on the rise of temperature. A Heat only thermostat will be a normally open, close on the fall of temperature.

Replace the thermostat and service the cooling system.

Could be a stuck open thermostat.

The thermostat tries to control the heating and cooling in you home to maintain a comfortable or energy efficient temperature.

Simply bypass the cooling fan thermostat .G

It could cause the check engine light to come on with a code concerning cooling system/thermostat performance.It could cause the check engine light to come on with a code concerning cooling system/thermostat performance.

The way the unit operates depends on the type of thermostat installed. Normally, they use a two stage thermostat. In this case, when the thermostat senses a need for cooling the condensing unit starts in low speed. If the temperature at the thermostat does not drop fast enough, the condensing unit is switched to high speed. The timing of the changing of speeds varies with the thermostat and unit.

Drain the water from the cooling system. Remove the water supply line to the thermostat. Remove the thermostat housing bolts. Remove the thermostat. Reverse the process to install the new thermostat.

Replace your thermostat whenever you replace the coolant and service the cooling system. Also replace it if you suspect it is sticking.

your thermostat in the cooling system is probably stuck open, you will need to replace your thermostat

It is an in line thermostat and is housed in a 'plastic ball' in the bottom radiator hose.

Most vehicles locate that sensor close to the thermostat housing.

When you service the cooling system.

Auto cooling is turning on and off automatically to maintain a constant temperature set on a thermostat.

There are two thermometers in this kind of thermostat. The one in the cover displays the temperature. The other, in the top layer of the thermostat, controls the heating and cooling systems.

If there is not bleed valve for the coolant you will have to do it manually. Fill the radiator up and start the car. After it warms up the coolant level will drop, refill it.

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