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What is the procedure for changing a headlight motor on a 1967 corvette?

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There is no headlight motor. The entire headlight raising and lowering function is controlled by the cars vaccume system.If your headlights don't operate correctly,I suggest that you either check the vac. hoses or the vac diaphragm's located under the hood in front of the radiator.

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How to change headlight actuator motor 1988 Corvette?

I have a 1988 corvette I need to change the headlight motor but cant get the motor free from the body This answer is a question.

How do you raise the headlight in 1998 corvette if the motor is bad?


Does a 1996 Chevy Corvette have a relay or module for the headlight motor?

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99 Corvette and you put a new headlight motor on it and the light goes up when you shut it off?

Maybe the headlight motor is wired backwards.

What other parts besides the headlight motor can cause intermittent failure of 1985 corvette headlight Is there a relay switch?

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How do you repair a headlight that wont go up or down on a 1997 corvette?

get a new head light motor

How do you repair the headlight motor on a 1989 corvette?

If you go to and click on there tech link they had an article that tells you step by step with pics how to repair the headlight motors

How do you repair a 1987 corvette headlight motor The headlight opens O K but continues to run after it closes?

If your relays are working properly, you might have a stripped gear in the motor. You can replace the gear or the motor depending on your resources. If the headlight is loose, the gear more than likely has teeth missing.

What would cause the headlight motor instrument panel lights and fog lights to all quite working at the same time on my 99 corvette?

bad headlight switch

Headlights will not go all the way up in our 1989 corvette.?

the same thing happened to me. i bought a rebuilt headlight motor

How do you fix a retractable motor on a 1999 Corvette that is constantly running when the car is turned off?

If you mean the headlight motors, go to and click on the technical link. they have the procedure with photos and you can get the bushings (use Delrin, not nylon) on eBay for less than $10 to do both. it takes about 1 hour per headlight opposed to paying $300 per headlight to have it done.

With lights off What causes the left headight motor to keep running on a 1985 corvette?

Failed limit switch, or bad wiring. The motor will keep running until the headlight finds "home" ... ergo a failed limit switch as mentioned above. The sensor at the "home" position (headlight off) has to be tripped by the headlight assembly before the motor will shut down. The motor has no idea where the headlight physically is ... it keeps running until the switch is engaged.

Why is the drivers side headlight on your 1985 Corvette grinding in the up or down position This happened with the car sitting in the driveway untouched Is there a stop switch in the headlight motor?

hmm seems to me that the the light assembly mabye bent or that the sighn that the ,motor is on its way out Is there a stop switch?

A diagram of a 1981 Corvette 350 motor?

diagram of motor od 1981 corvette

How do you replace a 1992 mercury capri headlight motor?

Please see the same question on the 91 Capri. The procedure is the same.

Where can you find a step by step procedure for changing the starter motor on an Oldsmobile Intrigue?


Why does Head light hang up on 1991 Corvette?

The plastic gears in the headlight motors are weak. I had the same problem with my 1984 Corvette. You can get a new motor, but it's much cheaper to get new gears. Check out the C4 section at for a how-to on replacing it.

How do you remove headlight motor for C4 corvette?

Take a jump over to and click on the C4 technical section and you will see the thread with detailed instructions on this. Good luck!

How do you remove headlight motor from c4 corvette?

I don't own a C4, however there are detailed directions on how to do this at and with pics too! So it is really laid out to make it an easy job. Are you changing the cheap plastic gears? A ton of C4 owners have and put in the brass gears. Good luck.

Will changing the transmission from auto to auto with overdrive help the fuel economy of a 1979 corvette?


What size motor is in a 90 Corvette?

The 90 Corvette had a 350 c.i. engine

What does l84 mean in Corvette?

the motor

What needs replacing if ford probe headlight wont stay up?

The headlight motor needs to be removed, and replaced. To change the motor on the passenger side of the car you must jack-up the car, then support it with a jack. Remove the front wheel, and remove the splash guard in the wheel well to access the headlight motor. The instructions for this procedure can be found in a Haynes Repair Manual that covers the Ford Probe, Mazda 626, and Mazda MX6.

Where is the blower motor located on the 2000 corvette?

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How do you access window motor in a 2001 corvette?

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