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Assuming that a 93 mustang is simular, it's not hard. Raise the front end, the higher the better. Remove wheel on the side you wish to replace. disconnect outer tie rod from spindle by pulling cotter pin, backing off nut till flush with top of tapered bolt, hit top of bolt/nut with hammer while holding another hammer under spindle arm. when outer tie rod is free, un-screw from inner tie rod, counting turns, 41 turns on my 93. Use a wrench on the flat sides of the inner tie rod to keep it from turning. Remove jam nut. Slide off the rubber boot. The large end of boot has a stainless clamp that can be re-used if you can loosen the hoop and unsnap it. Side cutters work good for bending it tight again upon install. The large end of the driver side boot will need to be pulled off and back far enough to get a wrench on the flat part of the rack just behind the driver side inner tie rod. With the boot off, remove the small aluminum rivet from the inner tie rod (near the rack) A sharp screw driver under the head worked for me. I used a 12" adjustable wrench (opened all the way) on the tie rod while holding the rack (flat spot) with a 10" adjustable wrench. I think the new tie rod should be installed with 65 ft/lbs torque. The new inner tie rod from Autozone did not come with an aluminum rivet, but with a small wrist pin. Anyway don't forget it. Put the rest back together. The 41 or whatever turns should get you close to proper allignment. It took me 2 hrs. don't laugh.

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Q: What is the procedure for changing inner tie rod ends on a 1994 ford mustang?
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