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For the 2.0 L 4cyl: (but the V6 would be similar, just more oil) you start by buying the correct size oil filter, 4 quarts of oil, something to drain the oil into, and oil filter wrench from local auto parts store. then make sure you have an assortment of metric sizes for your ratcheting wrench. If i remember correctly, the correct size for the drain plug is 14 mm. Use this wrench to remove the drain plug by turning counter clockwise. If it was last taken to a shop to have this done, this will be way too tight, and will require a cheater bar. be careful to have the wrench squarely on the bolt(drain plug) or else it will strip the bolt. When the bolt is removed oil will pour out (about 4 quarts of it). let drain for 15 min. The oil filter is located near the oil dipstick on the top of the engine. You will need your oil filter wrench with an extension on your ratcheting wrench. Remove by turning counter clockwise. Put a layer of new oil around seal on new filter. Clean area of engine where filter sits. Install hand tight and then turn a little bit further with the filter wrench. No need to use an incredible amount of force. then go back underneath and clean the area around the drain plug, the drain plug itself included, and install hand tight, then take the wrench and tighten some more. I don't know the official recommended torque, but i tighten securely with the wrench and remember not to over do it. Then add 4 quarts of new oil into the oil filler located on the top of the engine. Close caps, double check everything, clean up and start engine. Look around the oil filter and drain plug to make sure there are no leaks. This could be helped by periodically changing the drain plug gasket (some people do it every time but i usually get several years out of them. You have now changed your oil and saved 15$! the first time you do it, you say boy that took a while, but after a few times you can be doing several other things at the same time, and it goes quicker. Just make sure you add the new oil before starting up.

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Q: What is the procedure for changing the oil on a 1990 Toyota Camry?
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