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The proceedure depends on whether the truck is 2WD or 4WD. I just removed the 5-speed from my 1993 Ranger Splash 4WD two times last week. I have it down to about a 4 hour job now.


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if you have to ask. dont attempt it... transmission rebuilds are monsterously hard.

Gear oil, Best place to get it is at WALMART.

there is a fill plug on the side of the transmission towards the top if its not there then you have to add it while you build it but it should be there

The weight of the 1991 Nissan pickup truck with the manual transmission is about 3400 pounds. This is called the curb weight.

This manual transmission does not have a dipstick. You check the oil level through a fill plug in the side of the case.This manual transmission does not have a dipstick. You check the oil level through a fill plug in the side of the case.

no, it wouldn't be worth the effert. The auto requires an oil cooler different linkage, and a different engine computer than the manual uses.

A transmission from a 1993 Toyota pickup will fit into a 1994 Toyota pickup. The Toyota transmission will not fit in to other makes and models of pickups.

automatic has a dipstick on drivers side manual has a fill hole in the side

Does it have a manual transmission with a hydraulic clutch ?

it has an oil filter, fuel filter, air filter, but no trans filter.

On the side of the transmission underneath the vehicle. This requires a pump to add trans lube.

Manual Transmission, NV3500 or Manual Transmission, NV4500 To Figure out which you have here are a couple links NV3500 NV4500 Hope This Helps.

I asked a mechanic and he said yes as long as both have the same speeds and same cilinders. Hope this helps

== == If it's a manual it has no filter. If it's an automatic it's on the bottom. Pull the pan on the bottom of the tranny and it will be directly above. Inside the transmission.

The clutch slave cylinder , for a hydraulic clutch , is inside the manual transmission bellhousing

All vehicles have instruction manuals. Considering vehicles are made differently, it is best to refer to it for any repairs. The removal of a transmission in s a 95 Nissan 4x4 pickup would be instructed in the manual for the vehicle.

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