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What is the procedure for removing the heater core of a 1996 Pontiac Grand Am Se 3100 V6 with automatic transmission?


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2006-09-18 01:33:43
2006-09-18 01:33:43

i did mine myself and you do not need to remove the dash board all you do is remove middle console and it is underneath the bottom of the dash and it took me less than 2 hrs to do the hardest part is the 2 heater hoses on the engine side were the rack and pinion is it is behind the square plastic box in the center of the care its easy to do I had this done to my 1996 Grand Am. My mechanic had to remove the dash board and go into the engine that way. It took him 5-6 hours. Good Luck R. Williams S.C.


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There is no drain plug assuming it is an automatic transmission it is drained when removing the transmission pan and changing the transmission filter.

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It doesn't have a transmission dipstick. The fluid level is checked by removing a plug from the transmission housing from under the vehicle. It is best done with vehicle up on a lift and level.

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