What is the procedure for removing the radio and CD player from a 1995 Honda Accord?

ok here is the deal first take apart your arm rest...there is 2 screws under a door in the rest open that door remove the screws pull up your E-brake then you have a cup holder open the door to that and pull the hole thing out 2 more screws and then there should be one more towards you sitting in the drivers seat up near the gear shift then lift the back of the rest up first and then lift it out...then remove the ash tray just pull it out...behind that is 1 screw be VERY careful not to drop it use a magnet screw driver...then there should be 2 visable screws at the bottom of the black plastic gearshift cover undo them and pull out that careful not to break it go gentel...then undo the wires behind the black cover....or you could just move it to the side but its easier to just take it all the way out than just pull out the player and unplug the wires and you are set very easy job