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You will need special tools for this task, a wheel cylinder clamp and a brake spring removal tool along with your regular tool kit. Also a brake adjusting tool and large locking pliers would be helpful as well. If you're replacing brake shoes or linings, always replace in pairs, left and right, or all fours. Never replace just one, or on one side cause you'll end up making a very sharp turn towards the stronger brake side every time you hit the brakes and perhaps even flipping over during such a braking induced turn. Lift Jeep Turn Adjustor screw's wheel and retract brake shoes Remove wheels and brake drums Use wheel cylinder clamps to retain wheels cylinder pistons in place Remove return springs with removal tool. Take off, in the following order: adjuster cable, cable guide, adjustor lever, adjuster springs, Hold-Down washers and springs and then the brake shoes. I suggest you get a aftermarket repair manual as it has a few diagrams that will make complex text instructions easy to understand. (posted by "MelancholyMutt")

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Q: What is the procedure for removing the rear drum brake pads from a 1994 Jeep Wrangler?
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