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Well actually i just done this on my 89 tracer. its pretty easy really. might need two sets of hands . makes it easyer. first off drain the cooling system. its a good time to do a flush while u have it all apart anyways . when u got the cooling system all drained out .remove the alternator belt and the pully on the water pump which are 3 bolts . take out the bolts that hold on the timing cover. i recall there are 8-10 bolts. remove the cover. ok then you wanna mark the cam gear with a marker or something so its lined up with the valve cover or some lined mark so you don't throw it out of time. remove the bolt holding the timing belt tentioner. be carful tho not to loose the spring that is connected to it after you have that off the belt should have enough slack to slide off the cam gear and crank pully. make sure YOU DO NOT TURN CRANK PULLY OR CAM PULLY.this will throw it out of time . by this time you will have everything out of your way to remove the water pump. ok now take out the bolts holding the water pump i recall there 12 mm . some of them you will have to use a wrench to get too. take off the two bolts on the front that hold the tube that goes to the heater core. the piece that unbolts from there just has a o ring holding it to the tube so just pull on it and it will come off also. pull the water pump out now. clean the block of old gasket and dirt. take a smoke break your half way done,

now lets go in reverse. i recomend using a hi temp rtv silicone gasket maker also.makes it easyer to hold the new gasket in place. put the new gasket with a few dabs of rtv onto the new water pump. bolt the water pump to the block . tork i think to 45 foot lbs. your new pump will come with a new o ring for the front so put that on the tube and slide the part on the tube. bolt the tube back on with new gasket and a little rtv again. give your buddy a hi five and drink a beer.

now on to the timing belt and tentioner. slide the new belt onto the crank and the cam gears . put the new tentioner pully on and don't forget the spring . get the tention right on the new belt and tighten down tentioner. once again DO NOT MOVE THE CAM AND CRANK GEARS. now put on the timing cover . almost done.

last thing. bolt the pully back onto the water pump for the belt that goes to the altinator. install the belt tighten the altinator back down and your done installing the water pump and timing belt . put new antifreeze and water back in the radiator 50/50 mix let car run for 10 -15 mins shut car off let it cool down. check the coolant level cause im sure u will need to add more because the block was empty and you have to let the car warm up for the thermostate to open up to fill the block. after topping off the coolant your done . congrats

hope i was helpful to ya.

Hello, I recently became an owner of a yellow 89 mer tracer as a a beater car. I love the little thing. I believe our engines are made by Mazda. therefore I would recommend searching Mazda ca rmanuals for the same engine. also just stop down your local Mazda or merc dealer and ask politely about how to make such repairs. let the service guys know they are gods and you just need a little advice. most of the time i have found that they tell you how to do it so they don't have to work on it. ask the techs, not the service manager.

good luck!

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Q: What is the procedure for replacing the timing belt and the water pump on a 89 Mercury Tracer 1.6l SOHC engine?
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