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I am Roman Catholic and my fiancee is Catholic, but not Roman Catholic. We want to marry in the church. We need advice on how to do this.

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At least one of the party needs to be a Catholic to be married in the Catholic Church.

You can only get married in a Catholic Church when the union is not contrary to the teachings of the Catholic Church.

I'm afraid to say that you do not become a catholic by getting married in a Church. To become a catholic you need to be baptized in a Catholic church.

A divorced man/ woman cannot get married in the catholic church again. The sacrament of matrimony can be received only once in the Roman Catholic Church.

No, a Catholic may not receive Communion if he or she were not married in a Catholic Church. To be in full communion with the Church the couple must first regularize their marriage with the Church.

Because he never married in a catholic church before, so for the catholic he is not married. Answer to your question is : Yes

Yes, they can. My godmother was not married in a catholic church, and neither was my friend's.

Although Confirmation is desirable, you can still be married in the Catholic Church if you are not Confirmed. You must be a baptized Catholic.

While strongly encouraged, Catholics do not have to make their Confirmation to be married in the Catholic Church. To be married in a non catholic Church, Catholics do not need to make Confirmation, but need special permission to be married in a non catholic Church to be a valid Catholic marriage.

Yes, because in the eyes of the Lord, they are not married. They are allowed to get married in a church, but only once, if it is in a Catholic church. --> See Catholism

No, Roman Catholics are required to be married in a Catholic Church, by a Catholic priest.

Yes as long as you were legally married. And if you were congratz!!! ---- If either party of the couples is a Catholic, then for the Catholic Church to officially recognize the marriage, the couple must have been married in the Catholic Church.

No, John Carroll was a catholic Bishop and not married.

Roman Catholic AnswerThe only way that you can be married in a Catholic Church if you are not already married. So, if you are married, and it was in the Anglican Church, then you would indeed need an annulment if you wished to marry someone else in a Catholic ceremony.

The divorced Catholic not married in church cannot marry a divorced Methodist in the Catholic Church as the Catholic church recognizes the Methodist marriage as valid. The Methodist would have to go through the Catholic annulmemt process. Check with the local pastor to be sure.

Generally not. The catholic would need to get permission first from his/her bishop if he/she wants to be married in a presbyterian church (assuming he or she wants to be married according to the laws of catholic church).

As a Catholic, you cannot be validly married anywhere else besides a Roman Catholic church. If you get permission from your Episcopalian Bishop, the Episcopal Church will recognize your marriage in a Roman Catholic church.

i am a catholic girl got married to a Muslim guy in the court wanting to get married in the church also so want to know what are the requirements to get married in a catholic church

Yes. You just have to be married in the Catholic church for the marriage to be recognized in the church.

No. The bride and the groom don't even have to be Catholic as long as the agree to raise their children in the Catholic church. When my grandpa got remarried after his wife died, the woman he married was Lutheran and they were married in the Catholic church.

Roman Catholic AnswerNo, it is not an absolute requirement to be confirmed to be married in the Church but you should be, and some pastors may require it.

Yes you can get married in a Roman Catholic Church, but the sacrament of matrimony will not be celebrated in Mass.

No as catholic priests and popes can not get married. Roman Catholic priests cannot be married UNLESS they are already married when they convert to Roman Catholicism from the Anglican church or an Orthodox church. A priest can also be a widower. Pope Benedict is NOT married. He is not married. Priests can't get married in catholic Church. They live in celibacy.

Because they are married to the Church. So they can't be married to the Church and a woman.

Muslims can't get married in a church. One or both parties have to be Catholic.

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