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What is the procedure to change lower ball joints on a 1998 Ford Contour with 2.5L V6 engine?


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2004-10-02 10:06:30
2004-10-02 10:06:30

You can do it with special tools and a manual on your car from the parts store or


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You need to get a manual that explains this procedure. This is a complex operation that can't be adequately explained here.

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How do you change the lower ball joints on an 2004 envoy

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I'd love to know why you'd want to tilt the engine. The answer though, is no. Remember the engine is connected to the transmission which is connected to the front wheels by constant velocity joints. Tilting the engine would change the angles of all kinds of things from the shift mechanism to the CV joints potentially damaging them. Cheers

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You change the control arms, upper and lower. The ball joints are manufactured into the control arms.

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Lube Oil Filter is another name mechanics use when performing an Oil Change service. The reason is that an Oil Change generally includes lubing various car joints, removing and replacing the engine oil and replacing the engine oil filter.

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