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What is the procedure to change the transmission belt on a Daewoo Lanos 1.4L?

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General 1. Check for markings BEFORE you start removing the belt. Disassembly 2. Disconnect the battery 3. Remove the air filter housing 4. Remove the right front wheel 5. Remove the splashboard (?) 6. Remove the alternator belt 7. Remove the power steering belt 8. Remove the Power Steering pump 9. Remove the top transmission belt cover 10. Remove the crankshaft pulley 11. Remove the bottom transmission belt cover 12. Put the markings inline 13. Disconnect the water pump 14. Remove the transmission belt Assembling 15. Check the markings 16. Fit the transmission belt 17. Rotate the water pump to tense the belt (tool: J-42492) 18. Fasten the water pump 19. Fit the �blocking tool� (fig. 1. see bottom for instructions) 20. Turn the engine 2 turns by hand 21. Put the markings inline 22. Remove the blocking tool 23. Turn the water pump CCW to set the markings on the fastener (fig. 2. see bottom for instructions) 24. Fasten the water pump 25. Turn the engine 2 turns by hand 26. Check the markings again 27. Reassemble all previously disassembled parts in reversed order Fastening Torques: - Water pump: 10 Nm - Crankshaft pulley: 95 Nm + 30� + 15� - Transmission belt covers: 10Nm Special tools: - Tensioning tool: J-42492 An illustration with markings etc. can be found here: It�s either Dutch or German, so follow this walkthrough (Dutch): On the top of the page, click �onderhoudsgegevens� (=maintenance info") Click Daewoo, Then Lanos (KLAT), and then the type of your choice. Now you get a screen with 4 options: Inspektieaanwijzingen = Directions for inspection Intervalterugstelling = Interval reset Vulhoeveelheid = Liquids Riemen = Belts (this is the one!) Typeplaatje = Identification plates J-42492 an equivelant is the Draper 31486 available at DenLors

2007-09-16 20:49:59
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To the best of my knowledge Daewoo ceased Lanos production in 1992.

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You should never tow a car with Automatic transmission

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Get a shop manual on it from AUTOBOOKSONLINE.COM

Where is transmission fluid dip stick for Daewoo Lanos 1998?

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How much transmission oil does a Daewoo Lanos take 2000model 1.5?

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