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The answer varies by state.

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Q: What is the procedure to legally take a car due to non payment as the lien holder?
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I ve a clear title to my vehicle with no liens can the dealer legally repo this car?

If you are making a payment, whoever you are making the payment to holds a lien on the vehicle, unless the vehicle was purchased on an unsecure note (not likely). Some states will issue you a title even though there is a lien holder on the title, some require that the lien holder holds the title until the not is paid in full. Look at the title, itf the lien holder section is filled out, that is who holds the lien, they can have the car repoed. there is no lien holder on the title it is clear the car lot is in the sellers area

How do you Pay the deficiency but not interest?


How do you remove a property lien in Texas?

You resolve the lien through payment or release. Only the lien holder can remove it without a court order.

Is an assignee a lien holder?

An assignee of a lien is the new lien holder.

Can a lien holder repo a vehicle for no reason?

Not normally ... there must be some reason for this action on the part of the lien holder. If just one payment is missed, or just one day late, the lien holder could claim 'breach of contract' and demand return of the vehicle. I would be asking a high ranking official of this lien holder this very question ...

Can a lien holder file an ins claim on customer's auto policy?

No a lien holder can not file a claim against the insurance company as they are not the named insured, you are. Although if there is a lien on the vehicle the insurance payment for damages to your vehicle will be in your name and the lien holder name. They then might require that you fix the vehicle so they can protect their interest in the vehicle. each lien holder is different. CORRECTION: If the lien holder is named on the policy and the vehicle has been repossessed, the lienholder has a right to recovery under that policy.

How can a lien holder refuse to return property back to buyer?

Generally, if there is a debt involved the lien holder can hold the property until the debt is resolved. It is a security interest over property to guarantee payment.

Can you get a check from a claim to you directly when the car has a lien holder?

No. If processed correctly the check will be made out to you and the lien holder.No. If processed correctly the check will be made out to you and the lien holder.No. If processed correctly the check will be made out to you and the lien holder.No. If processed correctly the check will be made out to you and the lien holder.

Who needs lien insurance?

The lien holder would. A lien holder has a financial interest in the property

What do you do when a lien holder refuses payment and you now live in another state?

What do you do if you over payed on a law suit

Can a person be a lien holder for a car?

A person can be the lien holder for anythimg

Is it illegal to sell a car with a lien on the title?

Yes of course it is. Unless it is the Lien Holder selling the car or if the payment is being made directly to the lien holder.Selling a car with a lien just because you have the title (Liened Tile) in hand is wrong and very unlawful even if the buyer knows it has a lien.Do not give cash to someone selling a car with a lien, that is also illegal if you know they are not the lien holder. If the seller has a problem with you paying the creditor directly they are probably a crook!

How can you legally repo a vehicle you sold to a friend who has not made a payment but you signed the title over so they could get tags?

You really cant sinced you signed the title...Its now there car you can take them to court and try to fight it. Next time you need to fill out the lien holder section on the back of the title listing you as the lien holder and then you have the legal right to repo.

Can a lien holder refuse release of lien if debt is paid?

If a debt has been paid off, the lien holder is required to release the lien. If the lien holder refuses, you will need to get a lawyer and take the case to court

What is a Lian holder?

I think you mean LIEN (not lian) holder. A lien holder is one (an individual or company) which holds the lien to a secured real or personal property.

What are the vehicle lien-holder rights on a lien-holder claim?

What are my rights as a lien holder if the customer does not have full coverage even after it is part of his or her contract with us.

Can you get a lien removed?

If it was recorded at the Courthouse then you have pay the lien holder and it will be removed. ( get a receipt) You may get the lien holder to settle for less also.

Lien holder on your vehicle?

The lien holder is the person or firm, you borrowed the money from to purchase the car.

Is a lien holder responsible if the car owner has an accident?

only if the lien holder caused the collision

How do you find lien holder on vehicle?

The name of the lien holder should be on the face of the Vehicle's title.

Who owns the vehicle you or the lien holder?

Well, you own the vehicle subject to the lien. You cannot sell or refinance the vehicle until the lien holder is paid. If you don't pay the lien, the lien holder can repossess the vehicle. So you own it subject to your paying the loan.

Can you sell a vehicle with a lien on the title?

Legally No. How can you sell something you do not own. As long as there is a lien, you do not own the vehicle outright. Go see the lender and get a lien release, if you no longer have a loan on the vehicle. Remember the lender is part owner of the vehicle until you make that last payment. If you clear the lien buy using the proceeds from the sale, you can guarantee a title within 30 days (required by law) to the new buyer. The lien holder will then release the title.

How do you register a car that you are purchasing from a lien holder?


Who may Repossess on another persons property?

Whomever the lien holder has hired for that purpose. Providing you have defaulted on the payment terms of your contract.

Can lien holder repo vehicle if not paid?

Yes. That's the sole cause for repossession, when the payment/s haven't been made.