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Hey James==On a job this big you need guidance and the best is to get a shop manual from a parts store or if they don't have it try MOTORLIT.COM. Good luckJoe

Electronic manuals available on line price reasonable

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โˆ™ 2009-09-13 18:39:50
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Q: What is the procedure to replace the oil pan on a '99 VW Beetle and how hard is it?
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How hard would it be to replace oil pan on 1995 Sonoma?

How hard would it be to replace oil pan on 1996 Sonoma?

How can you prevent the gasoline from siphoning into the oil on a 67 VW Beetle?

replace the fuel pump.

Which oil do you put in a VW Beetle?

1998 vw beetle what type of oil

Oil change on a 2008 VW Beetle?

where is the oil filter on a 2008 vw beetle

What happens when you accidentally mix oil in the coolant of a volkswagen beetle?

Nothing will happen if you drain the cooling system and replace the coolant.

How do you reset oil light on a 2013 Volkswagen beetle?

how to reset change oil message on 2013 beetle

Beetle oil capacity?

My friend i will tell you about new beetle 1.6.the oil capacity including the oil filter is 5 litres.

How hard is it to replace the oil pan gasket on a 1997 Toyota Camry?

It's not hard but time consuming.

How do you replace the Toyota Camry 1998 oil pump?

You need to follow the same procedure as for timing belt replacement. But in the case of the oil pump you have to remove the oil pan too. There is a strainer attached to the oil pump from the bottom you will have remove it too. Then replace the oil pump, make sure that you have replace the oil pan gasket, and oil pump gasket.

What is the Engineering specification for procedure to change oil and filter of Ford Laser 2002?

Dump the old oil, rip out the old filter and replace, fill with new oil......

Where is the oil filter on a 1979 Beetle?

On my 79 Fuel Injected Beetle the oil filter is a screen located underneath the engine.

What is the oil capacity for a 2005 Volkswagen Beetle?

The oil capacity of a 2005 Volkswagen Beetle is 5 quarts. This includes oil filter which is typically replaced during maintenance.

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