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What is the process for H1-B visa?


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First you need to find a job. The employer needs to sponsor your visa. Usually the employers pay an immigration lawyer to take care of the process. If you are in US with other than student visa you will have to get your H1-B visa outside US. It usually coast the employer $3K to $5K. The lawyer has to show the USCIS that the company cannot find an American citizen for the following position. If you are a hi-tech skilled worker it should not be a problem. Every year around October the congress allocates limited number of H1-B visas. Most of these visas finished up around April/May. So if you apply after all the H1-b visas finished your case will have to wait in line for the next year.


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AnswerYou cant stay with expired H1B visa. if you have same expired petition.But Your H1B visa is expired and you have valid petition you can stay in USA while enteringin USA you will need to stamped your Visa.Ref: Check or in H1B section

There are various differences between H1 Visa and the H1B Visa. Both of them are temporary visas, but the HIB is more flexible for working conditions.

A company offering a specialty job to a temporary worker with such qualifications as a Bachelors Degree would have to apply for an H1B Visa on behalf of the employee. An employer must apply for the H1B Visa with the US Immigration office.

us work visa has several categories under which work visa could be granted. H1b, H2, L1, etc. H1b

i dont have degree certificate but i have transcripts...........can i get h1b visa or h4 visa

The timeline for converting a H1B to a green card is 3-6 years. There are also expenses and fees associated with the process which can rach into the thousands of dollars.

One can apply for a H1B Visa with an online Bachelor's degree. The online Bachelor's degree has to be legit and be recognized by the relevant examining body.

If you are still in valid H1b status and have a valid H1b visa, you do not need Advanced Parole. Otherwise, you do.

Yes, an H4 visa holder can get an H1B through teaching job. The H4 visa holder simply needs to get a job with a school that is willing to file the sponsorship.

Max consultant hyderabad is one of best visa consultants in hyderabad as my ex roomie of infosys who is right now in US got help from this consultant.There service is nice and they are one of the best h1b visa sponser in hyderabad.

It is the US working visa that can be obtained for you by your employer even if the H1b visa cap (approx 65,000/yr) has already been reached. For physical therapists, you can obtain this if your employer is qualified to file for non-cap visa. There are certain requirements for a company or institution to be able to issue this visa.

once you married a h1b visa holder u dont have to wait for 6 months you can go right away

Your immigration status and ability to own a business are two separate things. Yes you can own a business as an H1B status visa holder.

You can check it online via h1b visa status and even consult a Immigration attorney for more information.

Yes they can as long as the person holding a visitor visa has a valid stay permit(I-94).

H1B visas last 3 years. You can only have two and then you have to apply for a Green Card or return to your home country. Your wife and child can get H4 visas if you have a H1. Your wife would not be able to work legally on an H4 but your child can attend school. You can get a driver's license with an HI. You can only legally work for the company named on the H1B visa and no other company.

For getting visa you need to follow some steps. To get full information related to that steps please follow below link.

Hi I got married to a green card Holder outside India. I applied for H1b and got my work visa and came to Us through that. Hoe can i convert my H1b to greencard.He got his green card 3 and half months before. can anyone answer

You would be able to apply for a work visa to the US. You will most likely need to find a job first, and have your employer file for you to get an H1B work visa.

More than likely the person will not be granted any type visa to return to the U.S. If the person owns/left any property behind it can be seized through due process of the court for repayment of any debts.

Do you mean will the U.S. will let you back in without a green card? yes if you have a valid visa, such as a B1 visa or H1B visa. You can also apply for an Advance Parole while you are waiting for your green card to come in.

The process to get an American Visa includes deciding which type of Visa you will get, and then find your nearest consulate. Next you must have an interview with them and be approved to get a Visa.

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