Heating AC and Engine Cooling

What is the process in which one would bleed the air from the cooling system of a 96 Taurus with a 3.0 l engine?



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Well, if you've got a lot of air in it, it might take a little while to fully purge the air out. You'll want to raise the front of the car (and the radiator fill cap) so that it's the highest point in the cooling system. Add as much coolant as you can and let it sit. Some of the air should work it way thru... it may help if you're safely on ramps and not jackstands, to shake the car a bit to work more bubbles loose. After it seems like the bubbles are out, close it up, take note of the coolant level and drive the car for long enough to warm up the coolant. Park it until it's fully cooled. (hours probably-depending on your local weather) Then check your coolant level. If you suspect more bubbles, you may have to repeat the process a few times.