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Violent shaking can cause certain soils to flow. The shaking results from a nearby earthquake.

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Shaking causes liquefaction of soil. The particles become slippery against each other. When the sediment begins to slide, it can extend a mile beyond where scientists expect it to stop. The mudslide in Washington State is an example of this. Nepal's 2015 earthquakes will also have examples of liquefaction.

Saturated soil. Shaking it results in liquefaction where the soil acts like a liquid causing massive damage to any building built on it.

liquefaction factor (sinking sand due to becoming like liquid)

Liquefaction is the process by which mud behaves like a liquid during an earthquake.

There is no name for it, the substance is either a liquid or a gas ( like water or steam), there is no inbetween, the process of turning a liquid into a gas is called evaporation and the process of turning a gas into a liquid is called condesation.

a loss in energy cause the change from liquid to solid like-wise a rise in energy causes a change from solid to liquid.

through a process called evaporation, when the liquid is turned into a gas because something like heat

Lots of shaking, like when your having sex, except everything is actually shaking.

A solid, like metal or glass, turns to a liquid with the application of much heat. This process is called, "Melting".

It is like a constant vibration/shaking.

Condensation! Like the water on the inside of a window on a cold morning.

The plasma, it is the clear, pus-like liquid that comes after the initial bleeding process.

The products you use to clean the tank like soap or liquid products.

Liquefaction is the process of liquefying or making liquid.(as told by dictionary.) Liquefaction is the process where soil loses strength and acts like a liquid instead of a solid.Please see the related question for an explanation of the cause of liquefaction.Did you mean liquefaction?1) Liquefaction:It means the change from any state of matter (except already liquid) to liquid. Or the turning of something into a liquid state.2) The process of making synthetic liquid fuel from coal.For other senses see the link bellow.

You may want to check the motor mounts, it sounds like the engine is vibrating.

could be any of the following...anxiety, low blood sugar, over tiredness. You should see your doctor.

Melting is the process by which a solid turns into a liquid. Condensation is the process by which a gas turns into a liquid. So, I suppose you can show a contrast between the two by discussing the temperature at which they occur in a particular substance, like water.

It causes the particles in the solid to expand, making them less packed together and more like a liquid.

It is a cycle like when the clouds clash it causes rain then people use it.

Heat causes solid rock to turn into magma by flowing the magma like a liquid.

Food and liquid like water taken in to feed us and then the body will absorb the nutriment and pass it through added to this is liquid waste from our bodies and tissue matter

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