What is the production rate of guns in the civil war?

From the beginning of the war until June 30,1865 the Artillery Service of the Union Army was able to supply following materials, not to count those already existing at the outbreak of the hostilities:

cannons of all types and caliber - 12,400;

projectiles for artillery - 7,592,667;

gun powder (kg) 12,917,974;

rifled guns of all types and caliber - 3,351,878;

bullets - 953,332,375.

The rate of guns produced is unknown, but in order to give an idea, the Springfield Arsenal increased its yearly production from 1,200 m at the beginning of war to

300,000 per year, non to count the production of the private industries.

Regarding the Confederacy, the information (not exhaustive) at disposal are:

from the onset of the war up to Sept. 1863 - about 400,000 individual weapons;

from Oct. 1, 1862 to Sept. 1863 - 150,000 individual weapons, 677 cannons, of which 514 of field artillery, 298,305 projectiles for artillery and 44,933,907 bullets were imported or produced;

the Tredegar Ironwork of Richmond produced up to Jan.1, 1865 1,396 field pieces.