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Q: What is the program code for Apex TVs?
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Cable one TV code for apex TV?

What is the remote code for Apex TV model GT2015DV CN1202 for a Universal remote

What is the code to program sayno tv with GE universal remote?

whay are the code to program a sayno tv

What is the TV Tech remote code for Apex TV?


What is the code search for Orion TV?

How do you program to do the code search for a Orion tv

What is the RCA HRMC-5 remote code for a tv apex?

Only code I could get to work was the Toshiba code: 015

What is the dish network remote control code for a apex tv with DVD player?

At this time, there is only 1 code for an Apex TV/DVD player. That code is 757. There are a few regular TV codes you can also try if that one doesn't work. These codes are: 745, 743, 595.

I have a evolution remote and want to program the code for a precision television what is the code?

i have a evolution remote and want to program for a precision tel evision what is the code

Why do you need a Code to use your Apex television?

That is how it works. It needs it to validate ownership.

Does anyone have the code for programming a direct tv remote to an apex LD4086?


What is the Philips universal remote code for a Sony tv?

what is the code to program a Sony TV with a philips universal remote

I have an apex AT2008 model tv and don't know how to reset parental locks?

I forgot what my parental code is and can not unlock the blocked channels. How can I reset my television ? It is an Apex AT2008 model

What is the cable code to program the universal remote for a Vzon TV?


How do you program your supersonic tv to your comcast remote?

What is the code for comcast remote for Supersonic TV

How do you program an RCA universal remote without a program code?

how to program my tv with the RCA D 770 - universal remote control which has no code search button

Code for Vizio TV to program Remote control?

0178 this did not work for me. 0134 LG code worked for me.

What is the code from RCA universal remoto control to an Apex TV?

1137 1141 1235

Coby TV and want to program an Optimum Cable remote with the Coby code What is the coby code?


What is the code for a Westinghouse TV with a Bell Express vu remote?

What is the code to program a westinghouse TV to a bell express ve remote.

How do you program a trisonic universal remote ts-rc411?


How do you program a radio shack univrsal tv remote 15-302 to a apex flat screen?

The Radio Shack 15 _ 302 universal TV remote can be programmed by holding down the power button, until all of the lights flash red. Select the TV button. Input the proper code and the TV should shut off.

What is the remote code for Toshiba CT-90325?

what code do i use to program my ct-90325 remote to a 19c100u tv

How do I program my Time Warner remote for my v.zon tv?

The code is 113

How do you program lodgingstar remote control?

I need the code to tv sharp

What is Emerson 19 TV remote code for dish-network?

The remote code that will program your DISH Network remote to your Emerson TV will be one of the following (I recommend starting with the first code if it doesn't successfully program your remote you can try the following codes,) 632, 569, 672, or 516.

What is the U-Verse remote code for apex digital TV?

I just had At&t U-Verse installed 1/31/13. The tech who installed our system could not get the remote code to work with Apex digital TV. Finally found a code that works, try 1400. i was so stoked that i called the tech who provided the install. Hope this helps.