What is the proper Hindu funeral etiquette?

1. Dress-code. In Hindu tradition one dresses down for a funeral. The traditional colour of mourning is white so one should attend a cremation dressed in simple white clothes - the close female relatives should have their hair loose - not tied back.
2. Impurity. Everything associated with death and dying is ritually polluting therefore one should if possible wash one's hands and feet and sprinkle water on one's head before leaving the cemetery. One should have a shower immediately upon returning home and the clothes that were worn to the cremation are immediately washed.
3. No food or drink is consumed until the post cremation bathing has taken place.
4. Those attending a Hindu funeral should not bring flowers or anything else with them - one comes empty-handed.
5. One should not exchange greetings with the official mourners, one can nod in sympathy, hug or touch but not ask after their wellbeing - the least said the better.
6. One bids farewell to the deceased by either offering flowers into the open coffin or pouring some grains of rice over the mouth of the deceased.
7. The coffin is circumambulated in an anti-clockwise direction
8. If one is younger than the deceased then one should prostrate.
9. After the cremation one usually goes to either the bank of a river or the sea-shore and sits in silence for a while before going home.