What is the proper amount of food to feed a horse?

Updated: 8/17/2019
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Q: What is the proper amount of food to feed a horse?
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How can you feed your horse?

You should know this but anyway,you put the food in the bucket and feed it to the horse.

What do you feed a thin horse?


What does feed do for horses?

It is the horse's food.

Where do get horse food from?

Feed store.

Where can you order horse food?

You can order food for horses from a feed company such as purina mills or you can go to a local tack shop or feed shop and they should have feed there for you horse.

How much food do you feed a miniature horse?

Tht will depend on the minis' weight. Weigh the horse divide the weight by 100 and then multiply that answer by2.0 to get the amount in pounds that it should be eating.

How do you get food to feed your horse?

Purchase Hay from a local rancher or a feed store.

What do you feed an Andalusian horse?

You feed almost all horses the same things. Depending on the work it does, you feed either grass or hay as the main food source then add concentrates or grains as needed for the amount of work they do.

What is horse feces?

digested food from a horse. probably hay or whatever you feed them

What does not affect the amount of food a horse needs answer?

Which of the following does not affect the amount of food a horse needs?Coat color

How do you get horse food on harvest moon ds?

you can't, you don't need to feed your horse.

What is the cheapest place to buy feed for your horse?

dont feed your horse cheap food, it is bad quality and may lead to problems.