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What is the proper gap setting for spark plugs on a 2006 Pontiac gto?


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Depending on what plug you are running, .40 to .44

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The spark plugs on a 2004 Pontiac Vibe are changed by removing the plug cover, disconnecting the spark plug wires, and taking out individual spark plugs using a deep wall socket. New plugs are then set to the proper gap and torqued into place.

how to chang spark plugs in a 1992 Pontiac grand prix

.060 is the specified gap setting on spark plugs for a 2000 camaro rs.

Gap the plugs .038" to .043" and torque the plugs to 22 ft/lbs.

No, only diesel engines have glow plugs. It has spark plugs.

Um, ALL cars/trucks/SUV's have spark plugs. What a stupid question.

I own a '97 Pontiac grand am where would i find the spark plugs so i can change them?

The first 3 spark plugs to the right are easy to change,the one on the left you have to loosen up the alternater to get to.

The front exhaust manifold is right in front by the spark plugs. The rear manifold is behind the engine by the spark plugs.

at the end of the plug wires in the head

I dont know the torque for the 2000 but a rule of thumb is, with ratchet get the plug snug and go a quarter turn. allways use anti-siez lube for plugs on your plugs.

If it's points or a Dyna S ignition you set the plugs at 28, other wise you set the plugs between 38 - 40

The 1999 Kia spark plug gap setting is .035. Most spark plugs will be pre-gapped by the spark plug manufacturer.

Spark plugs are located beneath the individual cylinder coils - fairly deep through the center of the head, under the cover.

Jack up vehicle and change the rear plugs from underneath!

i dont know trying to find the answer my self

on top of the engine there is a cover sheild. remove the cover by the four bolt. the plug boots will come with it, the spark plugs are down in the holes.

To replace the rear spark plugs of a 2007 Arcadia, you will need to lift the car and replace the spark plugs from the bottom. You will also need to lower the front cradle for proper installation. This will allow easy access to remove and replace the spark plugs.

You have to jack the car up and chang them from underneth.

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