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There are two ways that I know of to flush a PS pump and i have tried both with good success. 1. the Easy wasy. Use a turkey baster to suck out as much fluid from the pump as possible. then refill it with new fluid. Run the engine and turn the steering wheel from side to side. shut off the engine and again suck out the fluid. By doing this three or four times, you can get 70 to 90 % of the fluid changed. 2. Disconnect the return line from the pump and plug the opening on the pump once the old fluid has drained. fill with new fluid and run the engine for a second. The old fluid will come out the disconnected drain line so have something there to catch it. Re fill the pump and repeat this until the fluid coming out the return line is clean. This is a messy job, but will get most of the old fluid replaced. If you get air in the system, you will have to turn the wheel from side to side to force the air out.

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Q: What is the proper method for flushing a power steering pump on a 1997 Ford Aerostar 2wd 3.0 liter?
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