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usually 7 to 1. However, it's easier and more consistent to by a premix compound such as A-Tops brand v-lite premix. Key point to mixing premix: use a mortar mixer and don't let it mix for more than 30 to 45 seconds. Otherwise, the mix may overheat making it harder to trowel.

AnswerWe have used one bag vermiculite (4cf) to one sack portland cement. That way when you change out liners years down the road the base does not need to be redone.. AnswerAnd how much water should be used (for say 40kg portland + 4cu ft vermiculite)?
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Q: What is the proper mix ratio for vermiculite portland cement mixture that will be used to repair the shell of a swimming pool?
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What is cement concret?

Cement concrete refers to a mixture of rocks, past, portland cement and water.

Can you add polymer into Portland cement and plaster a wall with it?

You can plaster a wall with Portland cement and fine sand mixture. Polymers are plastics and I've found nothing on using them in a mixture to plaster a wall.

What is the mix ratio of sand cement vermiculite and chips for vermiculite concrete?

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What are the difference between ordinary Portland cement and composite Portland cement?

The difference between ordinary Portland cement and composite Portland cement are the ingredients used to make the cement. Composite Portland cement has Portland cement mixed with other materials.

How is mortar made?

Mortar is made from a mixture of sand, a binder such as cement or lime, and water. Portland cement mortar (often known simply as cement mortar) is created by mixing Portland cement with sand and water. It sets hard and quickly, allowing a faster pace of construction. The Portland cement mortar is the basis for concrete, a mixture usually composed of this particular mortar with the addition of aggregate.

What are the various types of Ordinary Portland Cement?

The various types of ordinary portland cement are,Ordinary portland cement 33 gradeOrdinary portland cement 43 gradeOrdinary portland cement 53 grade

Should Portland cement be capitalized?

According to the Portland Cement Association, portland cement should not be capitalized.

Why is cement called Portland cement?

In 1824 Joseph Aspdin, a British stonemason, obtained a patent for a cement he produced in his kitchen. The inventor heated a mixture of finely ground limestone and clay on his kitchen stove and ground the mixture together into a powder to create a hydraulic cement-one that hardens with the addition of water. He named the product Portland cement because it resembled a stone quarried on the Isle of Portland, off the British coast. With this invention, Aspdin laid the foundation for today's Portland cement industry.

What is Portland cement made of?

Portland cement is made of,CaoSiO2Al2O3Fe2O3MgOAlkaliesSO3

What are the different type of cement in detail?

White cement,ordinary Portland cement,Portland pozolana cement

What is suitable for reinforced cement concrete slab ordinary portland cement or Portland Pozzolana Cement?

Ordinary Portland cement is suitable. As per IRC 21, Portland Pozzolana Cement is limited for Plain Concrete only.

Flowchart for the manufacturing of Portland cement?

this chart was show the process of portland cement

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