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K&N part # KN-144 Seems to be a little better flow, and does catch a little more 'crud' Yamaha part # 1L9-13440-91-00

ELEMENT ASS'Y, OIL CLEANER Note that as far as I've been able to tell, all xs400's used the same filter.

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What is the proper spark plug gap for a 1981 Yamaha XS400?

type spark plug: DR8ES-L Electrode gap: 0.6-0.7mm (0.024-0.028in) Tightening torque: 20Nm (2.0m-kg, 14.5ft-lb)

What are the specifications for a 1981 Yamaha xs400?

It has a twin, four-stroke engine type and its displacement is 392.00 ccm. Its compression ratio is 9.2:1 and has Êan expanding brake. Fuel capacity is 17 liters.

Where is the oil filter on a 1981 Yamaha XS 650?

the oil filter is under a plate thats held in with some allen screws on the right hand side of the bike next to the back brake lever foot pedal.

How much horsepower does a 1981 Yamaha XJ750 Seca have?


What are the horsepower and torque ratings on a 1981 Yamaha Virago?

Which one?

What is the voltage of the battery for the 1981 Yamaha xt250?

6 volts

What is the crankcase oil capacity in a 1981 Yamaha IT 175?


Wiring Diagram for Yamaha Virago 750?

i would like a wiring dagram to a 1981 Yamaha xj550h where can i get a free diagram

What weight of oil is recommended for a 1981 Yamaha XS400 Special?

Answer:Given the make and year, I would go with a 10W40 viscosity. I own a Chilton's Motorcycle Repair Manual (1959-1981) and in the Yamaha XS360-400 section is states "When the average air temperature is above 5 degrees Celsius (41 degrees Fahrenheit), use Yamalube 4-stroke oil, or SAE 20W-40, service rating SE or SF. When air temperature is consistently below 15 degrees Celsius (59 degrees Fahrenheit), use SAE 10W-30, service rating SE or SF."

What is the seat height of a 1981 Yamaha maxim 550?

The seat height of a 1981 Yamaha Maxim 550 is 29.3 inches. That height not really adjustable, but frame modifications would probably lower it.

Where is oil filter on 1981 Honda twinstar?

Ain't no filter, dawg.

What model and size is Yamaha number 4V0 000251?

that is a 1981 yz60h.

1981 Yamaha IT 175 fork oil capacity?

440 cc

What is the fuel mix for a 1981 Yamaha dt 100h?

25 to 1

How much oil is used in 1981 Yamaha 400 special?

As much as it wants.

What is the shifting pattern for a 1981 Yamaha maxim?

1 down , 4 up

VIN on your Yamaha tri moto is 4u3-004192 what year is it?


What model and size Yamaha vehicle identification number JYA5H0005BA003113?

1981 SR185

What year of Yamaha piano model 8334 serial number 3354458?


What is the proper spark plug for a yamaha dt 175?

1978 to 1981 DT-175 with CDI (no ignition points) spark plug gap .6-.8mm or .024-.032 inch, spark plug# B9ES

What years did Yamaha make yz465?

1980 G model and 1981 H model.

What model is this Yamaha with VIN number 3Y6-101457?

SR250 pre 1981

I am trying to find out what kind of motor i have its on a Yamaha blaster four wheeler the engine number is 3jm-268362 can you help me?

Yamaha 1981 YZ465H Engine

Where is the oil filter located on a 1981 Honda twinstar 200?

The Cm-200 Has no oil filter.

How do you change the fuel filter on a 1981 fleetwood?

its in the carburator

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