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A towel ring can be placed on a wall or behind the bathroom door. The easiest method of installing a towel ring is to install the ring on the back of the bathroom door. Walk into the bathroom and close the door. Take the towel ring apart and place the mounting base on the back of the door about 4.5 to 5 feet high. Use a pencil to mark screw placement. Use a Phillips head screw driver and factory provided screws and fasten the mounting base to the wall. Once both sides are secure, attach the ring to the base with the proper sized (factory provided) Allen (factory provided) wrench.

This same method can be used for wall mounting however; wall anchors will be required for added strength.


A towel ring or towel rack can be used for a shower towel or a hand towel. For a shower towel, it should be about chest high when used next to a shower. This should be mounted in a convenient place so that the towel can be grabbed without getting all the way out of the shower. If you are mounting a hand towel ring next to a sink and above a cabinet, it should be mounted about 15-20" above the counter relatively close to the sink, so water isn't splashed all over the counter. Bathrooms need to be organized depending on their size and what all you are wanting to keep in them.

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Q: What is the proper placement for a towel ring?
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What is the standard placement of a towel ring?

The height of a towel ring varies on the type of vanity being installed. The two most popular heights of vanities are 30 and 35 inches high. For a 30-inch vanity, the towel ring should be installed between 50 to 52 inches from the floor. For a 35-inch vanity, the towel ring should be installed between 55 to 57 inches from the floor.

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Hand Towel Bars are typically hung 20" or 22" above the vanity depending on the size of Hand Towel. Hand Towel Rings can be hung from 28" to 32" above the vanity depending on the size and shape of the ring. Personal taste should always be factored.

What is the standard height for a towel ring?

There is no standard height for a towel ring or rack. Generally speaking, they should be approximately chest height for a shower towel ring. When speaking of towels, there are also hand towels. A towel ring for a hand towel should be about 15 to 20 inches above the counter if mounted over a cabinet by the sink. It's important to place towel racks and other bathroom organizers where space can best be used.

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What is the average height of a towel bar above the toilet?

The proper height for towel bars installed in bathrooms is 48 inches above the floor.

Where should you put towel ring?

Near the sink. Preferably in wood. Any trim is good. If you have to into drywall make sure you use a very strong anchor. The zip types are best, but they can be hard to find. Just use something that opens behind the drywall, not an anchor that expands in the hole. Those types won't hold against the pressure of the towel being used. Answer: That depends on which towel you are hanging. If you are hanging a towel ring or rack for a bath towel near a shower, it should be about chest high. If you are mounting a hand towel ring next to a sink and above a cabinet, it should be about 15-20" above the cabinet.

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How do I install towel bars?

When installing a towel bar, you should first choose a good place to put it, preferably not directly behind the bathroom door. To install it, the standard placement is 48" from the floor. Drill your holes in the wall, install the wall fastener, then mount your towel bar onto the hardware.

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