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What is the proper placement of the wires on the starter solenoid of a 1983 Ford Thunderbird?

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Looking at the solenoid from the front, and working towards the left, the right terminal will have one wire that goes down to the starter. The little push-on wire (usually red) will be the one that goes next. There may be another little push on, or a couple of wires with terminals- they all get attached to the next small terminal. The last terminal on the left of the solenoid is where the battery wire, and any other accessory wires go.

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What is the proper placement of wires on the starter solenoid of a Ford E-150 van?

if your standing above the solenoid the wire to the stater goes on the left all other wires go on the right

How do you change a starter solenoid on a 1983 Chevy silverado?

I DO BELIEVE THE SOLENOID IS MOUNTED ON THE STARTER AND YOU WOULD HAVE TO REPLACE THE STARTER TO REPLACE THE SOLENOID remove the starter and take it down to your local auto parts store. they can bench test the starter and give you the proper solenoid if it needs to be replaced.

What is the proper placement of the wires on the starter solenoid of a 1990 Chevy caprice?

look at solenoid connections should be 2large connections /threads 1small conn fit large cable from batt to large thread fit any other large terminal fuseable lincs to batt thread other large thread goes into starter should be a purple small conn wire that goes to smallconnection on its own that's the ign crank wire hope this helps remember to do all this with negative batt lead off!!!!!! d.cop

Where is the solenoid wire on a 1996 dodge stratus 5 speed?

Dodges and Chryslers mayby Plymouths also use a thick brown wire from the statrer relay in the fuse box. There should be two clicks by statring. Solenoid a louder and a relay a softer click. It is possible for the relay to click but its electical connection pole points might be corroded at the solenoid or the relay at the fuse box make sure that the brown wire from the relay to the starter solenoid is connected at the solenoid cleanly and tightly. If you always hear the loud click however, then you know the solenoid is getting the current from the relay and it is not applying the high current to the starter motor windings or the windings or brushes in the motor are bad, or the wire that brings the high current directly from the battery to the solenoid is loose at the solenoid. So when you find the starter make sure that the thick battery wire connection to the solenoid is clean and tight, and if it nonetheless clicks then there is indeed a problem internally with the solenoid switch or the motor proper. You can also bypass the solenoid and see if the starter cranks, to see if a problem at the solenoid.

How do you connect the wires to the starter solenoid?

There are several types of solenoids. You must consult a wiring diagram for the specific vehicle or piece of equipment if you have any question as to proper wiring.

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How do you change the starter on a 2000 Dodge Neon?

The starter is located under the car where the transmission and engine meet toward the front of the neon. The starter actually bolts up with face toward the transmission. You must get the car up on ramps or on a hoist to see the starter. This is just a general method; it is very hard to give words to describe some of the steps without pictures. Removal: Disconnect and isolate the battery negative cable. Raise vehicle on hoist. Remove starter bolts. Remove starter assembly. Disengage latch and remove solenoid connector from starter assembly. Remove battery positive connector from starter assembly. It is not necessary to remove the alternator output lead from the connector. Installation: Clean corrosion/dirt from the cable and wire terminals before installing wiring to the solenoid. Attach battery positive connector to starter. Ensure alternator output connector is snapped into the battery positive connector. Tighten the captive nut to 10 Nm (90 in. lbs.) . CAUTION: It is critical that the alternator output terminal be connected to the battery positive terminal of the starter solenoid, for proper operation of the charging and cranking systems. Install solenoid connector to starter. Ensure that latch is fully engaged. Position the starter face into transmission housing. Start bottom mounting bolt and thread in until bolt is snug. Attach ground cable to upper starter mounting bolt. Ensure the proper starter alignment before tightening the starter mounting bolts to 54 Nm (40 ft. lbs.) torque. Lower vehicle and connect negative battery cable.

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How do you replace the starter in a 1993 jeep Cherokee?

Chock the wheels, disconnect the negative battery cable.. you might need to lift the front end and put the vehicle on jack stands... It's a pretty straightforward process. You remove the wires from the starter and starter solenoid, and make note of which wires go where. Wires clustered together should be taped together. The starter itself will typically be three or four bolts.. unbolt them, and the starter comes right out... look on the front of the flywheel... IIRC, they're located on the right side on that model. Installation is the opposite of reverse... ensure a proper fit, proper operation when you install the new starter and reconnect the battery... adding shims might be necessary to ensure proper alignment of the bendix and the flywheel.

Your 1995 Ford Aspire won't turn over you went start it clicked and now will not start could it be the starter or the ignition switch?

Please make sure the battery is fully charged before doing this test! Also make sure all the connections on the starter, battery and cable ends are tight and clean! this is important!! This won't be fun to test but it will tell you if the starter is good or not. Crawl under the car. (Make sure you use the proper jacks and jack stands!) find the end of the starter (not the end that is attached to the bell housing) and find the solenoid switch. it should have 3 bolts on it. Two large ones and a small one. The top large wire should be the positive battery cable, the bottom large wire should go into the starter and the small wire should be from the ignition switch. Take a wire and hold it to the top large wire on the solenoid. (be careful of the other end of that wire when you have it connected to the top large wire of the solenoid! don't ground this wire. it will turn out badly. don't ask me how I know this is true!) take the other end of the wire and touch it to the small bolt on the solenoid end. If the starter is working, the solenoid should engage and the starter will turn. If this happens it is most likely the ignition switch. If the starter doesn't turn, the starter could be bad.

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.054 inch ( according to motorcraft . com )

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Why wont the running lights work on a 1996 ford Thunderbird?

there is a fuse dedicated to the running lights on the 96 Thunderbird. Check your fuse panel under the dashboard for the proper fuse and check to see if it is blown.

Why would a 1999 Chrysler Concorde just click even if the battery is fully charged?

Sometimes it's just a matter of a good connection you need to make sure you have good clean connections at all points coming from the battery, make sure the terminals are clean and tight if there is any corrosion between the battery post and the terminals you want get the proper amount of power going to the starter solenoid to kick in the starter and that's were you hear the click that's the solenoid trying to kick in.

What is the proper hook up of positive and negative cables on starter i hooked up cables and tried to start it and it just clicked and sparked on battery?

The positive cable is hooked on the solenoid contact and the negative is hooked to the body of the car. With such connections you will never get the sparking issues.

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