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This is difficult so pay attention- (1) Remove the radiator cap (2) Start filling the radiator with a proper mixture of water and coolant(Most climates us a 50/50 mixture) (3) Once the coolant reaches the radiator neck stop filling and let the coolant go down, you can speed this up by starting the engine and letting the coolant start to circulate. (4) keep doing this until the coolant level remains at or near the top of the radiator. Happy Motoring!

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Q: What is the proper procedure for filling the coolant system on a 1994 Chevy Camaro 3.4L?
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You must make sure that you have purged all air from the coolant system. An air bubble will not allow proper flow of coolant and could also cause the engine to overheat. Add coolant into resevior and leave top off with engine running. Add more coolant as required. If temp gets too high with cap off and coolant starts to back out of resevior, then replace cap and allow to cool. Remove cap after cool and top up coolant again and repeat procedure.

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