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First you must disconect the smaller hoses, then the one on the top left then top right. When you disconect the small hoses expect fluid to leak out, so get a large container. Same for the larger hoses. Then put the emergency brake on (just in case) and start the car, but make sure there is something under the engine [preferably towards the front] to catch the fluid. Be sure to rev the engine a couple times. After about 30 seconds shut the car off. Now use a hose and spray it into the radiator where the cap is located. Finally re-connect all the hoses and re-fill the car of engine coolant and if its front wheel drive you will also need trans fluid.

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Q: What is the proper procedure to flush the radiator system on a 2001 Nissan Sentra?
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This is difficult so pay attention- (1) Remove the radiator cap (2) Start filling the radiator with a proper mixture of water and coolant(Most climates us a 50/50 mixture) (3) Once the coolant reaches the radiator neck stop filling and let the coolant go down, you can speed this up by starting the engine and letting the coolant start to circulate. (4) keep doing this until the coolant level remains at or near the top of the radiator. Happy Motoring!

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