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I would not try to replace an airbag myself. Take it to the dealer.

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How do you replace the water pump on a 1993 Nissan Sentra XE 1.6L?

To do the job correctly, get a manual on your car from AUTOBOOKSONLINE.COM which will help on the next repair.

How do you replace a wheel bearing on a 2001 sentra?

hey, im going to be replacing a wheel bearing on a 2001 sentra. I'm doing it at home, and I was just wondering if I would be able to. Because I know that some bearings are pressed in with either a press or using a C-clap. so if anyone could help me out, it would really help me out. Thanks

Why would the brake lights stay on in a 94 Nissan Sentra?

brake switch try some wd40 on it first if no help then replace it. by the way it is up where the brake pedal rests under the dash.

How do you replace the rear drum brakes on a 1988 Chevrolet Celebrity sedan?

I would suggest you look in either a Chilton or Haynes manual for the proper steps to take to replace your car's rear brakes. There you will find instructions as well as illustrations that will help to get a proper job.

What is the Citibank Credit Card Login procedure?

The Citibank Credit Card Log-in procedure is a process to log into the Citibank Website to help manage your credit cards. It is a simple password/username with a captcha code to verify.

is lawmaker a proper nounis lawmaker a proper nounis lawmaker a proper noun?

i have no idea.? and two can you help me? . and there can you help me ?.

How does improve your health?

Proper diet, proper sleep and proper exercise can help to improve health.

What alternative treatment is there for a hernia?

Visceral manipulation, done by a trained therapist, can help replace the stomach to its proper positioning. Other options in addition to H2 blockers are available to help regulate stomach acid production and balance.

Is help a proper or common noun?

The noun help is a common noun, a word for any kind of help.A proper noun is the name of a specific person, place, thing, or a title. A proper noun is always capitalized.For example:Proper noun:The Help is a movie released August 10, 2011.The song Help! by the Beatles.Help Street, Chatswood, NSW AustraliaRent-A-Help in Bethpage, NYHelp International in Provo, UTCommon noun: My sister is a big help when she cleans her side of the room.

How do you replace a pin in the door on a 1989?

i need help on how to replace the pin in my 1989 Chevy beretta gt please help me

can i get money to help me replace my floor in my kitchen that is rotten. I am on disability. ?

can i get money to help me replace my rotten kitchen floor. i am on disability.

Thanks for your help or thank for your help?

"Thanks for your help" is the proper form of the sentence. "Thank you for your help" is also acceptable.

How can you help your friend get a date?

* * * * * * * == == Proper Answer From <3MEGHAN

Can i get help to love myself and to help mysef?

good nutrition and proper exercise

Could surgery help arthritis in the neck?

In some cases surgery is used to repair or replace damaged joints in different parts of the body. It all depends on if there is a procedure and or replacement part available to deal with your particular problem.

Where is your grievance procedure?

Here is the Help Center - you can find all your answers there!

Are there ways to help your tubes come untied?

Yes, it is a surgical procedure

What is organisational procedure?

Organizational procedure refers to the laid rules and principles that are used in an organization. These serve as guidelines to help an organization meet its goals.

How do you replace brake light bulb on 2004 Toyota solara?

Open the trunk. On each side (at the rear) you'll see a flap that can be opened in the trunk liner. Open that flap and (with help from a flashlight) you'll see the light sockets. Twist the appropriate one to the left and pull it out. Replace the bulb with the identical number (listed in your owner's manual). Replace by reversing the procedure. Cheers

How can one get big muscles?

Proper ways of regular exercise and proper diet can help to get big muscles.

How do humans help prevent extinction?

they help the animals survive by giving them a proper shelter

What does a electrical technician do?

they help replace or fix the old wires and replace them with the new cords

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