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Backwash the filter when the pressure increases 10 psi above the pressure when it was clean


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wil i still use chlorine with a sand filter pump

If you are getting sand coming into the pool and have a sand filter you may have to replace worn laterals in the sand filter.

Go to your pool shop and they will be able to supply you wit a Venturi pump these hook onto your garden hose and can suck the sand out of the sand filter.

Do not put sand in your pump. If the sand your are referring to is in your pool filter then it should be changed every 4 to 5 years.

Swimming pool pumps do not use sand. You may have sand in your filter. The sand has to by removed by hand after taking th etop of the filter off.

It will usually vary on pump size, filter size, and total feet of head but a psi between 8-15 on a clean sand bed is pretty common.

You don't . You chlorinate the pool with chlorine . You filter the water with a sand filter.

I want to change my existing sand pool filter into a salt filter system, Is it possible? can I don this easily or have to change out the whole pump? By the way, i have a hayward system and my pool is 18x16 inground. thanks

A sand filter and a pool pump are two separate entities not one. A sand filter is just that === a filter. period. The pump or circulating pump - not a sand filter pump - is just what the name implies --- a pump -- it pumps water. period. Converting to a salt system has nothing to do with wither the pump or the filter. A slat water system is a totally separate unit with a device contained within a cylinder type apparatis controlled or operated electronically that is plumbed into your pool's circulation system. It converts salt - that which you pour into the pool - swimming pool salt - not rock salt or table salt - ---into chlorine. YOU CAN NOT JUST POUR SALT INTO A POOL AND CALL IT A SALT SYSTEM. And yes, you could probably convert to a salt system.K

Plugged pump, very dirty filter. Do you actually mean the filter or the pump. Filter is big tank. Pump is small unit with motor attached.

A chlorine generator, also known as a salt generator, is an addition to a pool pump and filter system that converts salt to chlorine. It is another method of adding chlorine to a swimming pool. You will still need a filter, like sand, to filter dirt and debris from the swimming pool.

i also use a 5000 gallon pool above ground and i use a 1 1/2hp pump. with a sand filter.

Starting at the pool first is the static skimmer then the leaf basket then the hair filter basket on the inflow side of the pump then the pipe from the pump to the filter then the pipe from the filter to the pool return The chlorinator sits on the pool return pie at the highest place in the system.

Nothing if its a sand filter However if sand is coming into the pool from the filter then you may have to replace one ore more laterals in the sand filter as they have worn and are letting sand through to the pool,

Attach flex hose from pool skimmer outlet to pump inlet. Attach second hose from pump outlet to filter inlet Attach third hose from filter outlet to pool return

I'm assuming you are using a sand filter. First, is the pump and filter hooked up corretly? Pumping the water through the filter the wrong way will blow sand into your pool. Is the control valve in the correct position? If it's in between positions it might let some sand into the pool. Is the control valve cracked or broken? Self explanitory.

THis indicates that the pump is struggling to push water through a dirty bed of sand when on filter. When on recirculate, the water bypasses the sand and flows through the valve back to the pool. Change your sand or run a cleaner through it.

If you have a sand filter the laterals in it may be starting to show signs of wear these wil blow sand from the sand filter into the pool when they wear out.

The sand filter wont make a pool green this happens a s a result of algae.

IT is possible that you have a damaged cartridge in a cartridge filter or the sand filter is not set on filter when you vacuum or the laterals in the sand filter are worn and it is blowing sand back into the pool.

first of all (to be correct), sand is not changed in a pump, it is changed in a filter. Typically after 5 years it is a good time to change filter sand. When the sand is first added to the filter (when it is new) it is rough and coarse . . . as water flows through the filter over time the coarseness of the sand is lost, as in a tumbling rock polisher, thereby affecting its ability to retain debris. Unless there have been a number of times that the pool has had cloudy / dirty water then maybe sooner for a sand change.

A pool with a sand filter or for that mater any filter is set up to push water through the fitter to be filtered. when the filter is clean the gauge in front of the filter Will have a low pressure reading. As the filter gets loaded with more of the dust and dirt that comes from the pools water it becomes harder for the water to pass through the filter and the pressure on the gauge goes up when the pressure get high on the gauge it is time to backwash the sand filter or to clean the cartridge filter. When the pressure on the gauge is high the suction from the pool is low. When the suction from the pool is low even when the pressure on the gauge is low there may be a problem with the pump, or a blockage between the pump and the pool, To increase the amount of pressure on a clean filter the only thing that can be done is to enlarge the pump.

If you have a sand filter your laterals are worn these are the spokes at the bottom of the sand filter that allow water through but not sand.

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