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What is the proper rewire for the 3 prong red positive battery cable wire on a 97 v8 30th camaro you need to know if the positive red cable of the 3 is reconnected to the red positive oval box on fram?


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One lead to red positive junction block, one lead to positive on alternator, and big lead to starter.


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buy the proper battery and the cable will fit, or replace the cable with on that will

Disconnect positive cable first then negative. Reconnect the negative cable first then positive.

no matter what vehical it is, the proper way to disconnect a battery is to disconnect the ground side first ,then the positive side to reconnect it is exactly opposite you connect positive side irst then connect ground side ground side in case your not sure is the negative side of battery

The vehicle battery's main purpose is to supply power for the starting system and to power some accessories when the engine is not running. The proper procedure for changing or installing a battery... remove the battery cable first from the negative battery terminal, then from the positive. Install opposite, attach the positive cable lead, then the negative.

"Sparking" When Connecting a BatteryWhen sparks occur on connecting a battery [IF the cables are connected to the proper terminals and in the proper order] is an indication that some of the electricity using devices [clock, computers, etc.] in the vehicle's electrical system are drawing electrical current.IF the battery cables are being connected properly, this sparking is normal, causes no damage, and is nothing to be concerned about.

Hook up the jumper cables in this order: (1,2,3,4) (1) One end of positive cable to positive post of GOOD battery (2) Opposite end of positive cable to positive post of DEAD/LOW battery of disabled vehicle (3) One end of negative cable to negative post of GOOD battery (4) Opposite end of negative cable to GROUND on disabled vehicle (a good ground is preferred over the negative post, however, the cable can also be hooked to the the battery post). To remove the jumper cables after starting, reverse the order (4,3,2,1)

Depends on what year it's from. On an older truck, hook the positive to a positive battery post, hook the ground to a bolt which goes through the chassis. On a newer truck, which is apt to having chassis-mounted electronics, put the ground to the negative battery terminal.

The proper way to use jumper cables to boost a low/dead battery: (1) one end of positive jumper cable to "dead" battery; (2) opposite end of positive jumper cable to "good" battery; (3) one end of negative jumper cable to "good" battery; (4) opposite end of negative jumper cable to GROUND on "dead" vehicle. Remove jumper cables in reverse order.

The proper material in the proper amount going to the proper customer in the proper manner is the focus of the Positive Release program, a multi-corporate initiative to insure On Time, In Full, with No Errors (OTIFNE).

at least 70AH any battery with the proper dimensions

Positioning your Duracell battery is essential to the proper functioning of whatever machine you are placing it in. Try to ensure that you are following the placement directions correctly. These are normally printed on the metal or plastic just above the battery slot. There should be negative and positive indicators on both the battery and the electronic device to help show you where the batteries should be placed.

The red jumper cable attaches to the positive end of the battery. Make sure both cars are turned off before attempting to connect the cables and do not touch the metal portions of the cables together or to any part of the car except for the proper battery terminal.You'll first attach the positive (red) cable to the positive terminal of the dead battery. Then attach the other end of the red cable to the positive terminal of the working battery.Then attach the black cable to the negative terminal of the good battery, and finally attach the other end of the black cable to the negative terminal on the dead battery.Make sure everyone is clear of the engine and moving parts before starting the engine of the good car. Allow it to run for a couple of minutes, revving the engine slightly. Then start the engine of the dead car.Be sure to remove the cables in the reverse order of the way you put them on - negative first, then positive.

The positive cable is hooked on the solenoid contact and the negative is hooked to the body of the car. With such connections you will never get the sparking issues.

When the battery is low or has been disconnected it will trigger the security sequence when reconnected; which not only can flash the lights and sound horn but will also keep the vehicle from running until the proper key is used or the key-less remote is triggered. Hope this helps you.

First disconnect the Negative terminal cable, then the positive cable (with red cover). Remove the battery holddown. Remove the plastic battery cover, then the battery. Make sure the new battery is of the proper size (see chart in store). Reverse procedure, making sure you connect the Positive terminal first and the negative terminal last (it's a good idea to clean the inside of the cable terminals with emery cloth or steel wool). When putting in the new battery, be careful that the negative cable does not fall into the space below or you will have to remove the new battery to get to it. Start the engine and reset the clock and radio presets.

To replace the battery on a 1979 Corvette, disconnect the battery cables using the proper tool. Remove the bar that holds the battery in place and pull out the battery. Place the new battery in and reconnect the cables.

The battery would likely not fit in the holder. Although it would provide the correct voltage, it would not last as long as the proper battery would.

The terminals are marked + plus for positive and - for negative. The charger normally has one red and one black wire with clamps, the red is for the positive and the black for the negative terminals. Be careful to check that the battery has the proper level of electrolyte and distilled water mix before charging it. Charging time depends on the state of the battery. Some old batteries may be nonchargeable. Be careful as batteries contain acid, ideally wear gloves and goggles.

A proper fraction is a ratio of two positive integers in which the numerator is smaller than the denominator.

A person can tell the proper size by knowing the size of the notches on the battery before heading to the store to purchase. Then based on the size that will determine the battery terminal size required for the battery.

A starter is an electrical device that requires the proper supply of electricity to operate properly. Weak battery or loose or corroded connections and it will not function properly.

According to WikiAnswers, the proper battery for a Maxim 400 (the Seca's sister) is 12N 12A-4A. I'm looking for one also. This is the same battery I used in my '72 Yamaha XS650 although it had a "-1" designation at the end.

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