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Q: What is the proper salutation when writing a thank you note to a customer?
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What is the proper salutation when writing a thank you note to a mayor?

Dear Mr. Mayor or sometimes, such as New York, Your Honor.

What is the proper salutation when writing a thank you note to the french consulate general and his wife?

Chers Monsieur et Madame Consulat Général,

What is the proper salutation when writing a thank you note to coworkers?

If you are going for a formal tone you could address the note to my fellow employees; for a less formal tone you could address it Dear Folks. Dear guys if they are all male.

How to write Sample letter to new customer?

When writing the letter, you want to thank the customer for their business. You should also let them know how you can be contacted if they ever have a problem.

What is the proper response to the salutation God be with you?

You can respond any way you wish. Most religious individuals would say something to the affect of "And with you, too." Others might simply say thank you.

Where can you find examples of thank-you letters to a vendor?

A person can find example of Thank-you letters in books about proper writing, and proper composition. They can also find these examples in the Microsoft Word books teaching user how to use the program.Ê

Is it proper to add a comma after thank you in Thank you Jim?

Adding a comma is perfectly proper, but not compulsory. In speech, adding a tiny pause between 'you' and 'Jim' tells him that you really are grateful. When writing, a comma signals that little pause.

When writing a thank you note to a county commissioner what is the saluation to use?

Salutation to a County Commissioner would be to: Commissioner John Doe. Sign it either 'Sincerely' or 'Yours truly.'

What's the proper way to write a thank you letter?

The proper way of writing a thank you letter involves being handwritten and to be personal. If no real effort seemed to be put in it, than it is not going to make the person to receive the letter feel good.

When writing a thank you letter?

When writing a thank you letter? For me, I write a thank you letter to the person who gave a gift or greeting me, caring me, loving me. I say thank you to pay the attention they are given to me.

Where can I find information on the correct wording for wedding thank you notes?

The website Thankster has a plethora of information and tips on writing thank you notes from your wedding. The site gives many ideas and sentiments that you can include in the note along with proper etiquette.

Where is the information on writing a business thank you note?

There are many places where one can find information on writing a business thank you note. One can find information on writing a business thank you note at popular on the web sources such as Daily Writing Tips and WikiHow.

What should a teenager say if someone says thank you?

It is always the height of politeness to acknowledge someone's compliments. A compliment is a form of salutation. Someone who says 'thank you' is a salutation for something you have done.One of the most simple and appropriate replies would be to say 'My Pleasure.'Because the circumstances can be so varied, there are far to many scenarios to address here, but a few examples may be:Salutation: Thank you for assisting me today by carrying the groceries in from the car.Acknowledgement: It was my pleasure.Salutation: Thank you for replacing the light-bulb in the ceiling for me.Acknowledgement: It was my pleasure; I wouldn't want you to risk hurting yourself climbing that ladder.Salutation: Thank you for helping us today at our fund-raising event.Acknowledgement:I enjoyed helping you today. Thank you for considering me for such an important event.

Is proper English to say thank you for your concern?

It is proper English to say thank you for your concern because that goes to show that you acknowledged the person you are talking to

Good closing salutation in a christmas card from a manager to their employees?

Thank you for your hard work is an example of a good closing salutation in a Christmas card from a manager to their employees. A manager could also say something like, looking forward to a productive year.

What is proper time for writing thank you notes?

Anytime you receive a gift or the benefit of someone's time and effort. While it is highly encouraged to send it within a week of the event, the time really does not matter.

What is a good closing salutation for a letter?

* Yours faithfully * Yours Sincerly * Regards * Thank you..... These are the main ones Hope this helps Bryony. x

What is the proper way to write a business thank you card?

Including your customers name in the card is a good personal touch. Do not overdo it past that point though, you may creep out a customer with too much of their personal/purchase information included in the card. A basic thank you for doing business with your company is sufficient with signature.

How to writea proper formal thank you letter to someone that barely knew me but still opened up their home to me etcand asked for nothing in return providing an outline or template would be great?

Writing a proper formal thank you letter is very easy. You can just write out a letter and let the person know how you feel and that you appreciate all they did. An outline or template can be found online at the site CareerOneStop.

How do you write thank you in Spanish writing?

To say thank you in Spanish is gracias. Muchas gracias is thank you so much.

Is it not proper to send a thank you letter?


Can you say thank you for your correcting or you should say thank you for your correction?

Thank you for your correction is the correct way to use your proper English. You are welcome for my correction.

What is da nada in spanish?

da nada is the proper way to say thank you in spanish I agree. If someone says gracias then you should reply da nada.

What is the proper response for have a good day?

The response is, "Thank you."

Do you capitalize the phrase thank you?

No, except at the beginning of a sentence because it is not a proper noun. It should be --- Thank you.