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Normally a thirty thousandths gap will serve just fine. Make sure you have the correct plug, and then obey the commandments for making two-stroke engines reliable: Clean air Clean fuel Good quality (or better) air-cooled two stroke oil. No "outboard two-stroke oil" - that's for water cooled engines.

If you've been running without an air cleaner, there will be plenty of dirt to live with for a while, and that will end up "bridging" the spark plug gap and the bike will refuse to run properly, or maybe at all.

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Q: What is the proper spark plug gap for a 1974 Yamaha TY80A?
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What spark plug for a 1974 Yamaha ty 250?

The correct spark plug for this model is the NGK B-7ES.

What could cause a 1974 Yamaha 125 to have no spark?

Check for loose wires, then most likely a bad coil or rusty mag maybe bad cdi or stator

Torque specs for a Yamaha dt r 125cc head bolts?

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How do you install spark plugs and spark wires in a 1974 buick 455.?

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In what year was the Yamaha yz80 first made?

i am pretty sure it is 1974

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What is the proper spark plug setting for a 1974 harley Davidson sportster?

If it's points or a Dyna S ignition you set the plugs at 28, other wise you set the plugs between 38 - 40

What spark plug for 1974 25 hp Johnson?

champion j4c

What kind of oil goes in a 1974 Yamaha enduro?

2 cycle.... since it a 2 stroke

What is the gap for a 1974 Pontiac firebird spark plug?

The dwell for the points should be 30 degrees. The spark plug gap should be .040".

What is the spark plug gap for a 4-cylinderinder Clark forklift?

what is the calibration of the spark plugs in a forklift clark 4 cyl. 1974

What kind of spark plug is recommended for a 1974 ford F250 4X4 390 engine?

Ford uses Motorcraft Spark plugs on all there vehicles.

How much of what kind of oil do you put in your 1974 175 Yamaha enduro's crankcase?

Well since its Yamaha always go with yamalube synthetic oilAnswer 2Unless you can find a Better Synthetic oil

What is the value of a 1974 Yamaha g 90 A guitar?

approx Eur. 700-800. Very rare and hard to find!

How many spark plugs does a 1974 Honda 550 four have?

Four, one per cylinder.

Point gap on 1974 pinto 2.3?

.017........Is wrong !The ignition spark gap is .027

What is the spark plug gap for 1974 Mercedes 450 sel?

If you buy the spark plugs the gap should already be preset to fit your specific vehicle. The gap is 0.032 in.Ê

Ignition gap points dwell and spark plug gap for a 1974 Pontiac 350?

The dwell for the points should be 30 degrees. The spark plug gap should be .040".

What is the spark plug gap for 1974 DODGE 360?

The standard spark plug gap for the Dodge 360 from the 1970s was .0035. It was a common gap for most of the muscle engines of the day.

How do you know there is spark to the plugs and coil on a 1974' chevy 350 engine?

Connect a known good spark plug to a spark plug wire and ground the threads to the engine while cranking. If there's spark to the electrode you know the coil is good and it's sending current through the wire.

What kind of oil goes in the little oil tank just below your seat on a 1974 Yamaha yz80?

plain 2 cycle oil

What are the torq specs of a 366 Chevy engine?

1974 c65 chev. w/ 366 , need spark plugs

Will a cylinder off a 1975 Yamaha TY 175 fit a 1974 Yamaha MX 175?

I think it will. If you look at and find the oem Yamaha parts for the motorcycles in question and check to see if they are the same part number, if they are then they will interchange. you can crosscheck different years too if you found a 1975 ty 175 cylinder for your 1975 dt 175. So check out bikebandit and see for yourself, they are the next best thing to a Yamaha dealer.

Front fork oil capacity for a Yamaha gt 80?

fork oil amounts for a Yamaha GT 80 are 108 to 116cc's per fork tube. you should use 10w motorcycle fork oil. this is good for all years from 1974 to 1980.