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What is the proper tire pressure for a 1999 Passat 15 inch wheels and no door sticker?

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Look on the side of one of the tires. In amongst all the writing you will find there is the 'maximum load range'. This is for a certin pressure. That pressure is the best pressure to fill the tire to. Many tires are designed to be run at 35 pounds per square inch, but there are others which specify 44 pounds, and some which require only 32 pounds. Check the tire, and use a gauge to insure proper inflation. Improper inflation will result in excessive wear and tire failure.

My 1999 Passat GLS (with V6) says:

Half Load: "Under 100 MPH 29 Front/28 Rear; Over 100 MPH 32 Front/29 Rear"

Max Load: "Under 100 MPH 32 Front/41 Rear; Over 100 MPH 36 Front/44 Rear"

P.S. The Tire Pressure Label is on the inside of the Fuel Door.

My 1999 Passat (4 cylinder) says (for under 100 mph):

Half Load: 28 front/28 rear

max Load: 30 front/39 rear

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