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What is the proper torquing sequence and ft-lbs when replacing a head gasket on a 89 Honda Civic?

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2011-09-15 10:00:03
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The following sequence will be ok for the Honda civic 1.3 and 1.5 16v with engine codes D13B2 and D15B2.

8 6 2 4 109 3 1 5 7

starting at number 1 and following through to number 10

The 1st stage of torquing the head down is as follows.30nm or 22.1 ftlb

After doing this on all 10 head bolts, the next stage is as follows.

65nm or 48ftlb

If however it is a 1.6i-vt Honda civic i do have sequence and torque settings for engine codes D16Z6 and B16A2 aswell.

hope this information is of some help..

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Your question is best answered with" purchase a manual"! Reason being, looking for help with torque numbers also requires sequence. Without the proper sequence, you will destroy, at the very least, the head gasket. an inexpensive manual can be found at all patrts stores.

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Whenever a component is removed, it sould always be torqued to the proper specs when it is replaced.

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it's hard to say how much to tighten the head bolts without torqing them. I would snug them with a ratchet, and then go around the proper sequence with a torque wrench.

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Take the head off and replace. However make sure to use new head bolts when buying and replacing a head gasket and find some litterature on the correct lbs of torch and sequence for your head bolts. You will also need a torch wrench for proper torch. Your part provider should be able to sell you the correct head bolts for your application

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