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What is the proper way to charge a lead acid battery?

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Depending on size and voltage output, higher than battery maximum output at an ampere rate that wont "cook" the battery. For example: a car battery placed on a 40 amp charge rate for 12 hours in most cases will "cook" the battery. But placing it on a 2 amp charge rate will fully charge it over the same time interval.

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What is a lead acid storage battery?

It is a battery which, as you may have guessed, used lead and an acid to store an electrical charge. Most car/truck batteries are of this type.

Can you charge a lead acid battery with my mega 1 charger?

titing basa

How charge lead acid batteries for 6 v DC?

Charge them with a 6 volt battery charger.

How does one charge a sealed lead acid battery?

The basic lead acid battery is ancient and a lot of different charge methods have been used. But one way is to charge these batteries at a float voltalge of 2.25 to 2.3 volts/cell (at 25 degrees C) (13.5V to 13.8V for a 12V battery).

What is the lead acid battery designed to do?

Well its designed to charge things like if its a wet type like a Car battery that has liquid acid then it will help your car run electronics and start. If its dry lead acid battery then it can be used in camera or a controller.

Why can a lead acid battery be an explosive hazard?

They produce hydrogen during charge and discharge.

Can you explain the working of lead acid battery?

working of a lead acid battery

What is the difference between a lead-acid accumulator and a lead-acid battery?

There is no difference between lead acid accumulator and lead acid battery.

What is inside a lead acid battery?

sulfuric acid and lead.

What type of battery does the 1997 Chrysler Sebring have?

Side post, lead acid, automotive battery.Side post, lead acid, automotive battery.

For maximum battery life should you wait for a lead acid battery to be depleted before recharging ie electric bike?

No. Lead Acid batteries should be kept at full charge for best battery life. Constant partial charging is best.

What is a drained lead-acid battery?

depends if its dry lead acid battery then it has to be replaced because all acid dryed out and no longer will help battery hold charge, if wet lead acid battery same thing all liquid acid dryed out but in some batteries like car they can be topped off for longer life usage, but if its fully dryed out possibly its going to have very low charge because it has been so dry so x ammound of time. Good question.

What is the voltage of a 12 V battery?

It depends on the state of charge. A fully charged lead-acid 12V battery will measure around 13.6V, the same battery at the end of useful charge will be approximately 10.5V

Does gravity have an affect on the potential difference of a battery?

No.AnswerPresumably, you mean 'specific gravity' or, as it is known these days, 'relative density'? If so, the relative density of a lead-acid cell or battery is, indeed, a guide to that battery's state of charge -that's why we use a hydrometer to check the condition of a lead-acid battery. However, it would be wrong to say that the relative density of a lead-acid battery 'effects' the voltage -it merely is a guide to the state of charge. (Actually, it's the state of a battery's charge that affects its relative density.)

Can water work in a acid battery?

Water is required in a lead acid battery.

Is battery acid an acid?

If by "battery acid" you mean the liquid in a lead acid battery (typical car or vehicle battery) then, yes. This liquid is sulfuric acid and is very corrosive.

What type of battery is a car battery?

Lead - acid

Is sulfuric acid the same as battery acid?

Yes it is you can use that or Lead Acid for battery acid. Good question.

Is a lead acid car battery the same as a 9 volt alkaline battery?

No, a lead acid battery is a wet cell battery and a 9 volt alkaline battery is a dry cell battery.

What causes a battery to wear out?

A car battery is made of three components, lead, sulfuric acid and water, over time the acid erodes the lead and the lead is the main charging part of a battery that is why vehicle batteries are called lead-acid

What is the alkali scale of a car battery?

A car battery uses sulfuric acid and lead to store an electric charge. When the battery is fully discharged, no acid is present and the pH is 7. At all other times, the acid solution has a pH of less than 7.

What has six wet cells made of lead and lead dioxide plates that are in sulfuric acid solution?

A flooded lead acid battery, such as an automotive battery.

What is produced as a lead-acid battery is discharged?

When a lead acid battery becomes discharged both electrodes undergo chemical changes to form lead sulphate and eventually the battery dies.

What does VLA battery stand for?

vented lead acid battery

What is an example of a secondary cell-battery?

Lead acid

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