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after wiping use water... in Indonesia they call it tjebok

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Q: What is the proper way to clean your anus after a bowel movement?
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How do you get semen out the anus?

The best way is to have a bowel movement.

Why do you have pencil thin bowel movement?

You could have a pencil thin bowel movement if you have colon problems. There is something restrictive in your colon or anus.

What causes your anus to itch after bowel movement?

My guess would be hemeroids

What are the symptoms of a hamster having bulging anus?

Explosinve bowel movement

How does bowel movement or feces get out of your small bum crack?

Feces comes out through the anus. The anus has nothing to do with the buttocks.

Does a body cavity aid in movement?

Yes. It's called a bowel movement and the cavity is the anus and large and small intestine.

What does Anus mean?

The back side we excrete or let go our solid waste or bowel movement

Does a prostate exam hurt?

No! It is just a finger into the anus, which is a lot smaller than a normal bowel movement.

How does your anus work when you have a bowel movement?

needs answer -sheba888 (last was not well written/didn't make sense)

Small cracklike sore in the skin of the anus that can cause severe pain during a bowel movement?

Anal Fissures

Is it ok to lick an anus?

Yes, provided it's clean. (It's a good idea if the person whose anus is going to get licked has a bowel movement first, and then cleans the area.) This is a very intimate act, though, so you shouldn't do it with more than one person!

Where is the bowel?

Conveniently near the anus.

Where the food go after passing the large intestine?

It goes into your rectum so that it can be passed out your anus as waste...As in a bowel movement (Poo)!!

What is the girls anus?

Every human has an anus and that is where your bowel movements come from.

Why do you wipe your anus after you had a bowel movement?

To get the bowel movement off your skin. Waste can irritate the skin and make you itch. Plus, leaving it on your skin can make you smell, especially if the waste breaks open your skin and causes an infection.

What causes skinny bowel?

infrequent bowel movements or narrow opening of the anus.

Where does food go after passing through the large intestine?

It goes into your rectum so that it can be passed out your anus as waste...As in a bowel movement (Poo)!!

What does your anus taste like?

If you have bathed, it tastes like the rest of your body. If you had a bowel movement, it may taste bitter, and smell like feces.

What could it be if you bleed when you are having a bowel movement?

If you bleed form the anus it's most likely a hemorrhoid. It's very common when pregnant.

What can you use to clean out your anus?

You can use a douche or enema to clean out the anus.

Where do the bowel movements come out of a snake?

Out of it's anus.

Where is your anus?

It is the last part of the digestive system and it leads to the outside of the body. It forms a ring of muscles which you control. These muscles regulates when you need to have bowel movement.

Where does semen go in your anus?

It goes right back out again. If not right away it comes out when you have a bowel movement. Some may be absorbed through the colon.

Why does your butt hole hurt after pooping?

A person may notice that their anus hurts after a bowel movement when they have hemorrhoids. This may also be caused by a hard stool.

What does defecate mean?

Defecate . To have a bowel movement, go to the bathroom.To rid the body of solid waste.To pass feces (stool) out of the rectum through the anus