What is the proper way to drain an in-ground concrete plaster 15X32 pool located in Tampa Florida?

Stop adding any chemicals to your pool a week before you plan to drain the pool. make sure you remove as much debris(such as leaves etc) as you can from the water. Also make sure the skimmer basket is in place so nothing gets down in your system. You are not going to use the pool pump as only the bottom drain will be used and will tax the system and draw debris into you pump and pipes. Go to home depot and they sell 110 plug in submersible pumps for around 60$ that attach to a garden hose. You can use the water to water your plants and bushes.place the pump in a bucket with holes in the bottom at yhe deep end of the pool. it will take about 2 days and take out all the way down to 14 inch down at the drain! A pool supply store may rent (maybe even for free) a pump too. Or maybe any rental business. It is very important that when you are emptying any in-ground pool that you empty the " drywell" which may have been installed for your pool. It is preferable to empty the pool quickly and in the case of concrete pools or others, to remove the bottom drain plug to release any water pressure under the pool. Failure to do so where there is under-ground water may cause your pool to lift partially out of the ground. In fiberglass pools this may crack the walls. Ask me- I know. It cost me a $1000.00 to repair.