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Stop adding any chemicals to your pool a week before you plan to drain the pool. make sure you remove as much debris(such as leaves etc) as you can from the water. Also make sure the skimmer basket is in place so nothing gets down in your system. You are not going to use the pool pump as only the bottom drain will be used and will tax the system and draw debris into you pump and pipes. Go to home depot and they sell 110 plug in submersible pumps for around 60$ that attach to a garden hose. You can use the water to water your plants and the pump in a bucket with holes in the bottom at yhe deep end of the pool. it will take about 2 days and take out all the way down to 14 inch down at the drain! A pool supply store may rent (maybe even for free) a pump too. Or maybe any rental business. It is very important that when you are emptying any in-ground pool that you empty the " drywell" which may have been installed for your pool. It is preferable to empty the pool quickly and in the case of concrete pools or others, to remove the bottom drain plug to release any water pressure under the pool. Failure to do so where there is under-ground water may cause your pool to lift partially out of the ground. In fiberglass pools this may crack the walls. Ask me- I know. It cost me a $1000.00 to repair.

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Q: What is the proper way to drain an in-ground concrete plaster 15X32 pool located in Tampa Florida?
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Is it possible to use plaster of Paris in making concrete?

No, plaster of paris is not strong enough for concrete.

How can you determine what your inground pool surface is What is gunite?

Gunite is covered with plaster. It is sprayed on concrete sorta. They mix it in the hoses and it is blown on. You can go to youtube and see them gunite a pool. I am only aware of plaster, vinyl or painted pool surfaces. The vinyl is just like thin rubber.

What is rhino lite?

Rhinolite gypsum plaster is a combined basecoat and finishing plaster for internal application onto brickwork, concrete blocks, concrete and Rhinoboard. It is also a finishing plaster for sand and cement basecoats. There is some controversy over using Rhinolite in the building community.

What paint should be used on a concrete or plaster swimming pool that has not been painted in Florida?

its best to contact a local paint retailer about this as he will best understand the application and local suppliers of the necessary materials.

If you don't run the filter and your inground pool turns green will it ruin the plaster and tile after a month or two?

It might stain the plaster. When you have an algae bloom, get on it right away, don't wait. See the link below for more info.

Can a inground 16x32 with stairs and diving board vinyl pool liner be converted to a tile or plaster pool and how expensive would it be compared to replacing the liner?

This would be the the excact same price as building a new concrete pool minus some excavation. you would be looking in the 30-to 40k range.

Is there sulfur in concrete?

The main components of concrete are calcium silicates. However, it always has a small portion of plaster, in order to slow down the solidification process, so that it does not become solid too soon. As plaster is hydrated calcium sulphate, the answer is YES, concrete has a small portion of sulfur in sulphate form.

What is used to make a Grecian urn?

Plaster , concrete , marble ,alabaster, any stone that can be sculpted .

Where can you buy coping and plaster for a new inground pool in Maryland?

Any pool supply store should be able to help you find coping and plaster. While they may not carry it in the store, they will most likely be able to direct you to a distributor, or set up a delivery for you.

Is it possible to have a new skim coat of plaster applied to a concrete in-ground pool as the plaster surface has wear marks from vacuuming and age?

Yes you can (re-plaster) There should be a company in your area that does the plaster for pools when they are built and also re-plaster as they get older. Your Pool supplier should be able to suggest who may be the most reliable. yes,

How do you get masonry nails out of plaster without removing the plaster?

Masonry nails have very small heads, and are notoriously difficult to remove from plaster, concrete, and wooden walls. The best way to remove them, without removing the plaster, is to cut the head off so that it is flat to the wall. Then, fill in the hole and repaint, if necessary.

How do you remove plaster from concrete block walls?

With a masonry chisel. It may be easier to cover it with a new surface.

How is gypsum useful?

Gypsum is widely used in building applications. It is an ingredient found in concrete, and it is used to make plaster.

What is the name of the material found directly underneath the plaster surface of a swimming pool?

It is know to be concrete, gunite or shotcrete.

What are some uses for biotite?

Its use as a surface treatment in decorative concrete, plaster and other construction materials. -N

Name three materials used in drainage work?

1.concrete brick 2.pipe culvert 3.plaster

Where do you buy type S lime?

You can buy it at a Stucco/Plaster/Concrete Supply Store. Local cement companies can direct you if they don't have it

Is it wrong to drain your plaster pool when the temperature is above 100?

Why would you drain your pool just becasue the water is hot? Never drain your inground pool unless you have first cut holes in the bottom of the pool to keep it from floating. If the water table in your area is high enough, your inground pool could "float" out of the ground, effectively ruining your pool.

How do you make a model of the forbidden city?

Modelling clay plaster of paris sanded grout or concrete (most expensive) carve blocks of styrofoam

Why is the plaster on a gunite pool gray in the middle and white on the gunite side and white on the outside?

The finish plaster is normally white all the way through. It sounds like you are dealing with a pool that has been replastered by the method of putting a "brown coat"/"scratch coat" (the gray plaster you noted) over the original finish plaster surface, and a new finish coat of white plaster on top of that. The scratch coat more like a thin concrete than plaster (doesn't have the white marble dust in it) and is used to get a better bond to the old surface.

Who can point me in the right direction on building an inground swimming pool by using simply poured concrete walls floor and either tile or pool paint sides I don't want to have to use gunite?

Build with concrete is fine. Ensure you have re enforcing mesh for the floor and aim for a 4 and half inch slab. Re-enforce the sides with round bar. Once complete plaster all round. Once cured you can apply a good epoxy pool coat. this will give you many trouble free years of service

Could a coat of plaster or cement applied to a masonry surface rendering help reduce the permiabilty of concrete?

No. If you are talking about the interior, they have a paint that will do that. the exterior,below grade requires a rubber membrane applied directly to the concrete foundation.

What are the different types of plaster of Paris?

No, there are not different types of plaster of Paris. However, there are different types of plaster. There is plaster of Paris, pottery plaster, Puritan pottery plaster, Cerami-Cal, and Hydrostone.

Can you use concrete stain on pool plaster to go from white to a French Grey?

Hum, don't think so but keep tuned and someone might have your answer.

What is the same element in plaster and concrete?

Calcium and/or Magnesium.For more info on elements go to: