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A lot depends on the local Plumbing code. There is a national code as well as your local state code. If this is a commerical application I believe that each basin has to have its own trap.

answerThe "National Plumbing Code" is a MODEL code with a great name that has fooled a lot of people. (Kind of like Paris Hilton). Whether your state or municipality has adopted a code or not, this suggestion will work and pass about anywhere: On the inch-and-a-half pipe or nipple protruding from the wall install a "wye" with the branch aimed toward the far bowl, run the branch over to the p-trap on the tailpiece coming down from the strainer. Done on that side. On the straight run through the barrel of the wye, head toward the bowl on the near side. Get a "disposal kit" from the BIG BOX selling all the imported stuff. That's a straight piece of inch-and-a-half tubular with a flange on one end, and a "tee" with an internal baffle. Install the baffle tee on the vertical line between the p-trap and strainer on that second bowl, pointing it straight at the disposal outlet. The flanged piece runs from the disposal outlet to the branch of the baffle tee.
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Q: What is the proper way to run a drain for a triple bowl sink with a disposal in the middle?
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Can you run the dishwasher if the garbage disposal is not connected?

The disposal has to be in place so that the drain on the dishwasher is connected. If you do not have a disposal or are removing it, there is a extension tube for the drain that has the dishwasher tube in it. The disposal does not have to work for the dishwasher to drain. The water is run through the disposal so that any food particles get ground before going in the drain. After a while, the disposal will begin to smell if it is not run.

How do you plumb a garbage disposal in a sink with one drain?

Same as you would for a double sink. There is a short tail piece with the disposal that attaches with a flat plate and a short bolt. Install the disposal on the sink and route the drain as needed. There has to be a trap between the disposal and the drain.

How can you repair a leak that is visible on the side of your garbage disposal under your sink?

If the sink/sink drain fitting connection, sink drain fitting/disposal connection, dishwasher/disposal connection, disposal/drain elbow connection are what are leaking they can either be tightened or have gaskets replaced or other sealing methods used. If the disposal is leaking elsewhere the disposal needs replacement.

Why does your garbage disposal back into the dishwasher?

The sink drain is blocked somewhere after the disposal. take apart and clean or renew sink drain.

Can you install a farm sink to accommodate a garbage disposal?

As long as the drain basket for the disposal will fit the drain hole in the sink, there shouldn't be a problem

What is proper way of garbage disposal?

If you have a septic tank or gray water system in your home then do not install a garbage disposal because it has been know to clog up your drain field. If you have city sewer and have a garbage disposal then I would recommend that when using the garbage disposal, you make sure you are running cold water because it helps make vegi's not stick to the sides of your drain and its cheaper and I forget but something to do with spaghetti and disposals don't mix.

How do you fix the garbage disposal when the water does not drain?

If it is a double sink, does the other side drain? Are you trying to fix the disposal because it does not come on or because it comes on but does not drain. If it comes on but does not drain and the other side does, it is probably just clogged with food. They make drain cleaners for disposals. If neither side drains, put the stopper in the disposal side, hold down on it and plunge the other side.

Drain pipe for dishwasher backs up when draining?

If it goes into a garbage disposal, the disposal needs cleaning. If it goes into a tube in the sink drain, check that for plugs. Is the drain hose open all the way, no kinks?

Why do dishwashers generally drain into the garbage disposal?

So that any food that is in the dishwasher will be ground before getting to the drain, less chance of build up in the drain and to help keep the disposal cleaned out. Also it means you don't have to install a separate connection for the drain.

Installing a new deeper sink and disposal Existing drain going through wall will be 2 inches above the new drain from disposal before drain trap Will this be acceptable for proper drainage?

Water doesn't run up hill. There will be 2 inches of water in the sink at all times. Cut out the wall, install a new T and either remove the old one or cap it off.

Do you a need a sink drain guard if you have a garbage disposal?


Where does the drain on a dishwasher go?

Garbage disposal, if one is installed, or a wye branch fitting on the tail piece of sink drain. Dishwasher drain line should have an air break or air gap before the disposal or wye branch fitting.

Can you drain the dishwasher directly into the garbage disposal?

Yes, through the dishwasher drain attachment on the disposal. There is a knockout on the inside of the hole on dishwasher attachment that has to be knocked out before attaching the dishwaser hose to the unit.

What are the methods of sewage disposal?

BUILDING of drain-ages burning in incinerators

What is a large spinner with knives to clear a sink drain?

garbage disposal

What is the common method of liquid waste disposal?

Putting it down a drain.

How to connect Garbage disposal and dishwasher to single drain?

Most Garbage Disposals have a dishwasher inlet on the side that the Dishwasher's drain hose can connect to. This way only the disposal needs to be connected to the drain. Just be sure to knock out the plug on the disposal's dishwasher drain inlet before connecting with a hose clamp.

How would you clean the weep holes of a garbage disposal if your sink only drains when the garbage disposal is running?

A disposal creates centrifugal force and acts as a pump. Often a blocked or partially blocked sink drain can result in slow drains and a disposal will force water through. If it really is the disposal, try slowly adding coffee grounds and/or fibrous material like broccoli centers or pineapple centers while cold water and the disposal are running. If that doesn't solve the problem, have the drain cleaned and make certain that the drain vent works.

What Starts with D in the kitchen?

Dishes, dishwasher, drain, disposal, dish soap

Why does dishwasher water drain out backing into the sink?

The disposal is clogged or that side of the sink is.

Is there something that would cause the dishwasher not to drain following replacing the garbage disposal?

If you used disposal tap for dishwasher drain there is a knock-out inside the tap that must be removed.Take a large screw driver and hammer and remove knock-out.

Why will your sink only drain when the disposal is running?

Part of the drain pipe is clogged. Take it apart and clear it, otherwise it will only get worse.

What could be the problem if your basement floor drain backs up every time you use your garbage disposal?

your kitchen drain and floor drain are on same line, and needs to be snaked

When using garbage disposal the water backs up into 2nd sink why?

clogged drain

Why does the disposal empty the water out of the sink and then it comes right back?

the drain line is completely or partially blocked, the drain line needs to be snaked out. the disposal is forcing what water it can down into the pipes but if there is an obstruction the water has no place to go but back into the sink.