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There should be a black & white wire coming from the light. Hook black to black and white to white. Then connect the ground wire to the light chassis. You need 12/2 with ground for the circuit. You do not need a light fixture box for these type lights.

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Q: What is the proper way to wire a four tube and two ballast floresent ceiling light?
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Is there a proper wiring diagram for a four tube and two ballast fluorescent light?

The correct connection to a ballast is found printed on the ballast label inside of the fixture.

How do you stop a floresent light ballast from humming?

ballasts can hum for several reasons, too low input voltage, too large of a load (wrong bulbs), or just cause they are dying. usually they need to be replaced.

What is ceiling light?

A light that is mounted on the ceiling.

Why does radium glows in dark?

Its color is floresent ,and glows when not reflected on by any visiable light.

How many watts does a 18 watt floresent light bulb consume?

...18 watts...

If the ballast on a fluorescent light blows will the lamp still work?

If the ballast on a fluorescent light blows the lamp will not work.

Which bulb last longer an incandescent light bulb or Compact fluorescent lights?

compact floresent

Why tube-light makes sound?

Due to the problems in the ballast.Replace the ballast.

What causes a Buzzing in newly installed ceiling light?

If it's a fluorescent light, the sound is probably caused by a faulty ballast. <><><> If the light is incandescent and connected to an inexpensive dimmer, noise from the dimmer can cause the filaments to "sing." Better dimmers have better noise filtering.

Does a tube light glow without starter?

yes..if we replace magnetic ballast with electronic ballast...there is no need of starter if we use electronic ballast.

Where is Marijuana mostly grown at?

Warm dampy areas mostly. With alot of sunlight or just a floresent light..

Ceiling Light Fixture?

form_title= Ceiling Light Fixture form_header= Light up your life with a ceiling light fixture. What is the height of your ceiling?*= _ [50] Do you want to include a ceiling fan? How many light fixtures do you need installed?*= {1, 2, 3, 4, 5, More than 5}

How can you attach a 120 v Light Fixture to a 277 v system do I need a ballast so what kinda of ballast?

need a universal voltage ballast 120/277 volt or a 277volt ballast

Can you wire a fluorescent light to work without using a ballast?

you can wire the flourescent light without ballast with the same connection instead of ballast ,just put a momentary switch ,or push button switch thru the ballast connection ,you just push for a few seconds when the light is already bright release the switch. by Jojo snaker oz- 7

Can T8 LED tube light be used with ballast and can ballast be removed and will it work?

A T8 LED tube has to be used with a ballast to bring the correct voltage to the tube for it to operate correctly. Removing the ballast from the circuit will prevent the tube from operating.

How much electricity does a 600 watt light and ballast use?

Use the current rating that is stamped on the ballast and multiply it by the voltage the ballast operates on. This will give you the input line wattage.

Can a 110v fluorescent light be converted to 240v?

You will have to take the old 120 volt ballast out and replace it with a 240 volt ballast.

Why does a circular fluorescent light bulb not light up fully?

You have a failing bulb or ballast.

Can you run a 600 watt hps light through a 1000 watt hps ballast?

No, the ballast must match the lamp wattage.

Can you take a 120 volt ballast and use it in a 277 volt light?

No, the ballast is designed to be only used with a 120 volt input.

Can a dimmer switch be added on any light?

only regular lights like in ur house if u want to dimm a fluorescent light u have to change out the ballast to a dimmable ballast

What is the light on the ceiling of the car called?

Dome light

where is the light ballast on a true del. case?

You can go to the proper authority like Police stations amd ask about the crime. there are alot of possible ideas that the police officers may give you.

If a light fixture has a change in voltage from 277v to 120v does the ballast need to be changed?

The impedence of the ballast is system voltage dependent to allow required current to pass through the light fixture. If system voltage changes, the current passing through the light fixture changes, therefore to get designed output from the fixture, the ballast has to be changed.

How do flies land on the ceiling?

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