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The province located in the southeast of France is Provence-Alpes-Cote d'Azur. Marseille is its regional capital.jk

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Q: What is the province in southeastern France?
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Where did the surname of Chant originate?

The distinguished French surname of Chant is first found amidst the early records of the former province of Dauphine, in the southeastern part of France.

What southeastern European province is under UN administration?


What area is Cannes in?

southeastern France

What country is found in southeastern France along the Mediterranean Sea?

MONACO borders southeastern France and has coastline along the Mediterranean Sea.

Where is xiamen located?

Xiamen is located in Fujian Province, southeastern China.

Is France a country or province?


Ancient roman province in which is in France?

Gaul was the Roman province that includes much of modern day France.

Province government in France?

In France there are Régions and Départements.

What is a prefecture level city in southeastern Fujian Province peoples republic of china?


A province in France?

"la Provence" is a province, whose name comes from the word "province" in Latin.

What tiny country is located in southeastern France?


Where is the French Riviera located?

In the southeastern corner of France.

Does milkweed grow in Saskatchewan?

Milkweed is occasionally found in the province of Saskatchewan. It is found mostly in the southeastern part of the province near North Dakota and Minnesota.

Where is fujian located?

Fujian is a province of China, located along the southeastern coast, northeast from Guangdong.

France is a Country or a province?


What province is cannes France in?


How do you use word province in a sentence?

"I live in the province of so and so in France"

How was Maine named?

Maine is a provence in France. The area that is now Maine was once part of New France a french colony and was named after the province in France. Officialy it is named after an ancient province in France.

Coast region of southeastern France and northwestern Italy?


Where can the province of Albay be found?

Albay is a province of the Philippines. It is located in the Bicol region in southeastern Luzon Island. On a map, it can be seen northeast of Visayas and north of Mindanao.

Why is champagne produced in France?

Because the Champagne administrative province is in France.

Does northeastern or southeastern france have higher elevation?

Southeastern France has a higher elevation. This is the place where the French Alps including Europe's higest peak, the Mont Blanc, are located. Northeastern France is composed of low plains and low-lying plateaus.

What province is Paris in?

Paris is a province in the Region parisienne of France. Paris was established in March of 1790, after breaking from another province.

Where did popes live from 1305 to 1377?

Avignon, in what is now southeastern France.

What is Touraine?

Touraine is a former province of France.