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What is the provincial legislative council of India?

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How many states in India has two houses viz.legislative assembly and legislative council?

how many states in india has two houses viz., legislative assembly and legislative council

How many legislative council in India?


How Member of Legislative Council is elected in India?


Number of state in India with legislative council?

In six states

State with no legislative council in India?

TRIPURA,a small east state has no legislative assembly. DURAI,BANGALORE

How many states in India have both legislative assembly and council?


When was Natal Provincial Council created?

Natal Provincial Council was created in 1910.

Which state in India having two legislative council?

it is kashmir which is authorizing by india but somehow pakistan has power there

How many states in India have legislative assembly?

all states in India have a legislative assembly but only 6 of them have legislative council- Bihar, UP, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra. Karnataka and Jammu and Kashmir.

How many states in India have legislative council?

Seven (out of twenty-nine) states have a Legislative Council: Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, Jammu and Kashmir, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh and Assam.

What's the difference between an MLC and an MLA?

Members of the Legislative AssemblyAn M.L.A. (member of the Legislative Assembly) is a member of the elected Lower House of any of the Canadian provinces. Members of the Legislative Assembly are elected using the single-member plurality system. The Legislative Assembly can propose any bill (including, as the elected House, money bills). The support of a majority of members of the Legislative Assembly is needed by the provincial Government; when a majority of members vote against a key part of the Government's agenda, the expectation is that the Government must either request an election or resign.Legislative CouncillorsAn M.L.C. (member of the Legislative Council) is a term that was rarely used on the Canadian provincial stage, with the term Legislative Councillors being preferred. Legislative Councillors were appointed to the provincial Upper House, the Legislative Council, by the Lieutenant Governor-in-Council. Legislative Councillors had the same powers as members of the Legislative Assembly, except that (a) Legislative Councillors could not propose money bills, and (b) the Government would not need the support of the Legislative Council to govern.While some provinces have had at one time both an Upper House and a Lower House, currently all provinces are unicameral (that is, they are composed solely of the Lieutenant Governor and one House, the Legislative Assembly).

When was Legislative Council Building created?

Legislative Council Building was created in 1912.

When did Legislative Council of Ceylon end?

Legislative Council of Ceylon ended in 1931.

When was Legislative Council of Ceylon created?

Legislative Council of Ceylon was created in 1833.

When was Legislative Council of Brunei created?

Legislative Council of Brunei was created in 1959.

When did Legislative Council of Nova Scotia end?

Legislative Council of Nova Scotia ended in 1928.

When was Legislative Council of Nova Scotia created?

Legislative Council of Nova Scotia was created in 1838.

When did Legislative Council of New Brunswick end?

Legislative Council of New Brunswick ended in 1891.

When was Legislative Council of New Brunswick created?

Legislative Council of New Brunswick was created in 1785.

When did New Jersey Legislative Council end?

New Jersey Legislative Council ended in 1844.

When was New Jersey Legislative Council created?

New Jersey Legislative Council was created in 1776.

What is a legislative council?

The Legislative council is the upper house of state parliament. (Red) The Legislative Assembly is the lower house in state parliament. (Green)

What level of government is Dalton Mcguinty in?

Provincial, Legislative.

Who among the following does not exercise levying function of taxation a city council b provincial council c provincial governor d congress?

all of the above

What did the provincial congresses do?

The provincial congresses took legislative actions on the part of the 13 colonies.