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The punishment for animal cruelty in the U.S is jail time and, in some states, mandatory counseling.

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What is the punishment for people who abuse animals?

They can be charged with and tried for animal creulty.

What is the punishment for committing animal abuse?

you will go to jail and pay a hefty fine.

Can you get the death penalty in Texas for killing a dog?

no, though I am positive that the punishment for animal abuse is severe.

How many states in the US that animal abuse is against the law?

in 20 states animal abuse is against the law

Where in the US has there been animal abuse?


What is the punishment for dog abuse?

The punishment for dog abuse should be PRISON 10 years of prison

What are three laws on abuse in the US?

1. Child abuse 2. Animal abuse 3. Police utality

Which state in the US abuse farm animals?

No state and all states in the US are known to have cases of animal abuse to farm animals.

Is animal abuse illegal?

It is illegal in the US and much of Europe.

What are the effects of animal abuse?

the effects of animal abuse is dying or the animal is taken from animal abuse organizations or charities.

How much animal animal abuse is there in the US?

every 5 min there is an animal being abused throughout the world.

Is neglect animal abuse?

Yes, neglecting an animal is animal abuse.

What the punisment for animal abuse in the US?

A large fine and the possibility of imprisonment.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of animal abuse?

There are no advantages to any animal abuse case. The disadvantages of animal abuse include death of the poor animal.

Can animal abuse be supported?

no animal abuse is a bunch of bull

Can you get arreseted for animal abuse?

yes. animal abuse is illegal

What year had the most animal abuse?

the year with the most animal abuse is every year,many people like to abuse animal in diffrent ways.Overbreeding and poching animal are some of our main parts of animal abuse.

What is intentional animal abuse?

Intentional animal abuse is abuse that someone inflicts on animals on purpose.

What is the definetion of animal abuse?

animal abuse is being mean to an animal for no apparent reason

What causes animal abuse?

physco people cause animal abuse.

Where in Canada does Animal Abuse Happen?

animal abuse can happen any where

How do you start a speech about animal abuse?

if a man hits a animal then the animal abuse will start right from there.............

Can you go to jail for animal abuse?

Yes you can. Animal abuse is a crime in the US. It can be punishable by jail time and fines of thousands of dollars. Because 1 important right that they have is right of life.

Can principals give corporal punishment?

In most states, corporal punishment is not allowed.

How is pollution a form of animal abuse?

well actually littering is also animal abuse. the polluted air get into the lungs of animal and vwala. animal abuse. also littering cancause an animal to not have a home.

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