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It depends greatly on the state in which you live and on whether or not it is your first offense. I will speak as if it your first offense. I know that for posession, of a small amount without intention to distribute, in Pennsylvania can result in up to two days in jail, about $1000 of fines, and six months of probation. I have been told that selling can result in up to year in prison years of probation and thousands of dollars in fines. While these seem quite extreme, they do not begin to touch on the subject of what can happen after you finish with paying fines, prison term, and probation. You will have a felony record, making it difficult to get a job, get financial aid for college (or a number of other things), immigrate to Another Country, run for public office, etc. But, police can be quite fickle, and if you're young and it's your first offense, especially if you live in a college town, there is a very good chance you'll get charged with a disorderly conduct have to pay a $300 fine and then you can go home.

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What is the punishment for selling weed in Canada?


What is the punishment for selling weed in Texas?

How much are you talking about first?

What is the punishment for selling weed in Georgia?

You go to prison for about 2-5 years. It depends

What is the punishment for selling weed being a minor?

Selling weed and your a minor, it all depends on what you get caught with, if you get caught with maybe a twenty sack, then youll probably be doing community service.

Slanging weed what does it mean?

Slanging is another word for selling, to be slanging weed you are selling weed.

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What is hustling?

Selling weed or any drugs

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What is the punishment for smoking weed in California?

Check with your local authorities.

Punishment for over 2 oz of weed in Indiana?

Punishment for over 2 oz of weed in Indiana includes 1 year in jail and $5,000 in fines (Class A misdemeanor charge).

What happens to a minor selling weed on a first ofensse?

what determines selling is the amount of weed you get caught with not whether or not you were selling( unless you get caught in the act of selling by the police) but if its under a half it should be a misdamenor but you could get a felony if its alot or you were near a school or something

What is Angola famous for?

Angola is famous for weed selling

What is the punishment for selling control substances in Colorado?


What is the punishment for selling or giving cigarettes to minors?

you are arrested

If caught selling marijuana what is the punishment?

arrested 9 months

How long would you go to jail for weed?

if you are found selling weed you can go to prison for anything up to 5 years

Which is badder a teen smoking weed or a teen selling weed?

Your question is open to debate for the fact that the answer your looking for is based on ones Morales and personalbeliefs. So i will answer the only way that i can and still be correct; Legally, you are safer smoking weed than selling it. Because if your smoking it you are only damaging (physically) yourself from the smoke inhalation. But selling weed endangers anyone you provide the marijuana to along with anyone the introduce it to.

How long would you be in jail for selling illegal drugs?

weed is a fine

What is the punishment for selling a gun to a minor?

Federal prison time, fine.

Is bizzy bones in jail currently?

no he's not. if he has then probbly for selling weed on the streets.

Who was dj Alan freed?

he was a hobo who worked on the street corner selling weed ,

What happens if you get caught selling weed in new york state?

Pigs will fly

What is the punishment for selling cannabis?

If in the US and convicted, jail. If you are older than 18.