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What is the purpose of a grand jury?


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United States district courts are the trial courts for both criminal and civil federal cases. They use 2 types of juries in criminal cases. A grand jury is one, which usually includes 16 to 23 people, hears charges against a person suspected of having committed a crime.

The Grand Jury is one of the three checks and balances in a criminal case, these are in order of occurrence in the process - grand jury, the judge, the appeals court. The first step in most high crimes is the indictment. An indictment is the American people declaring that there is reasonable suspicion to believe that the person being accused could have had means, motive, and opportunity to have committed the alleged crime and need to stand trial. However, during the grand jury phase you will only hear from the prosecutors. The information they want to be allowed or are prohibited to give you has already been determined without your presence.

If the grand jury returns a true bill, the accused will stand trial for the alleged crime. This means the prosecutor successfully proved to the people that with the facts at hand were sufficient to believe that the person could have committed the crime.

On the other hand they could return a no ture bill, which declares that the prosecutor did not meet enough facts or did not give a compelling enough argument to make the American people believe the accused committed the crime.


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The Grand Jury is to decide if the evidence warrants prosecution.

The purpose of a grand jury in any case is to determine whether or not there is enough evidence to bring the case to trial. In a felony case a grand jury serves to check the amount of evidence in a case.

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To decide if there is enough evidence to have a trail

The purpose of a grand jury is to make sure that the prosecution has enough evidence to show reasonable cause and that the evidence in question is relevant to move into trial.

c. decided is the evidence warrants prosecution.

The Grand JJury determines if the state has enough evidence for a person to be brought to trial.

The grand jury listens to all the evidence in a case against the accused and decides whether to charge the individual with the crime. This is called an indictment or an information.

The grand jury does not convict anyone of anything. The grand jury hears the evidence presented by the prosecutor. If the grand jury thinks the prosecutor has adequate evidence, then the grand jury indicts that person. A trial will then be held before a petite jury, or small jury. It is that jury that determines if someone will get the death penalty.

They answer questions put to them by the prosecutor in charge of the grand jury and occasionally, answer questions from members of the grand jury itself.

Depending on the state you are in (some use the Grand Jury System and others use the Preliminary Hearing system) it is the hearing at which the defendant is formally charged with the offense he was arrested for.

GJ evaluates evidence in the case to see if it warrants prosecution

No. A Grand Jury is a closed hearing.

People are not convicted by the grand jury. The grand jury only listens to the evidence to see if there is enough for an indictment.

When referring to a particular grand jury (i.e.: The Essex County Grand Jury), yes. When simply just referring to grand juries in general no, it is not necessary.

A Grand Jury is a group of people who review the evidance and determine if a jury trial is appropriat. A trial jury is a group of peers who review the evidance and determine if the accused is guilty or innocent. The difference between grand jury and trial jury is that in a trial jury you are reviewed by your peers, ex. same sex, age,ect. but, in a grand jury you are reviewed but peopleof higher level. Alsoin a trial jury you are seeing if the accused is innocent or guilty when in a grand jury you are seeing if a jury is neccicary.

A Grand Jury is a term where, basically, the state puts their case to the Grand Jury and the Jury basically tells them if they believe that there is a case to answer. The Grand Jury does not hear the whole case and doesnt make a decision on anyones guilt or innocence. Grand Juries can be empaneled at state and federal level.

Means that the Grand Jury declined, or failed, to indict the defendant.

A grand jury listens to evidence and decides if a trial is warranted.

to determine if there is sufficient evidence to formally charge the defendant / suspect.

A grand jury makes no finding of guilt or innocence. Its purpose is to investigate an alleged crime, examine evidence, and decide whether reasonable cause exists for a case to be referred to court for trial where a petit jury or judge will decide whether to convict.

A grand jury is a group of people that are selected and sworn in by a court. A traverse jury is a trial jury selected to serve on a court case in civil or criminal court.

A federal grand jury includes 16 to 23 people

No. A grand jury is a finder of fact, not a trial. You will not be found guilty based on a grand jury true bill.

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